Meet Your Advisors

All advisors answer questions concerning getting started, monitoring progress or completing your studies at ACC.

Connect with us: Room M2010, T: 303.797.5664,

Michael McManus

Michael McManus
Director of Advising and Retention

M.A.T, Rhode Island College
B.A. - Political Science, University of Rhode Island

Favorite College Experience
: Studying Abroad in Ireland for a semester.

Hobbies:  Running, Playing in the mountains, news junkie, and trying to force myself to read more books.

Words of wisdom: Ask a lot of questions, especially if you are new to ACC!

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James Shettleworth

James Shettleworth
Academic Advisor
James works with the general student population and students on Academic Probation and Academic Suspension.

M.P.A. - University of Colorado - Denver
B.S. - Criminology, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Reading, and Jazz music.

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Julie Nicholson

Julie Nicholson
Academic Advisor
Julie works with the general student population and students receiving the following scholarships: 21st Century, First Generation, Denver Scholarship Foundation, Link2Four, and College Launch.

M.A. - Psychology, Regis University
B.S. - Applied Psychology, Regis University
A.A. - Arapahoe Community College

Favorite College Experience: Graduating with my husband, our children, and my family in the audience.

Hobbies: Reading murder mysteries and watching movies.

Words of Wisdom: If you are an adult learner, do not overload yourself. It is easy to take on too much and then feel so overwhelmed that you want to give up.

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Susan Lukowski

Susan Lukowski
Advising Front Desk
Susan assists students at the Front Desk of the Advising Office.

B.S. - Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Favorite College Experience: A semester abroad in England and a month spent traveling through France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Hobbies: Reading the classics and murder mysteries.

Words of Wisdom: Read, Interact, Explore.

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Miriam Cummings

Miriam Cummings
International Student Advisor

Miriam works with students studying under an F-1 Visa, and the general student population. 

M.A. - Counseling, Denver Seminary
B.A. - Psychology and Religious Studies, Rice University

Favorite College Experience: Arranging for and singing in an a capella group.  It was a great way to  use my creativity and meet new friends.

Hobbies:  Running, singing, hiking, trying new food, and learning new things.

Words of Wisdom: Work hard to become great at what you do.

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Jaime Bachmeier

Jaime Bachmeier
Academic Advisor - Castle Rock and Parker
Jaime works with the general student population at ACC's Castle Rock and Parker campuses.

M.S.W. - Social Work, Univeristy of Michigan
B.A. - Social Work, Grand Valley State University (MI)

Favorite College Experience: Working on campus. I got to interact with a lot of different kinds of people and got to help students, faculty, and staff. My study abroad experience in China was also amazing.

Hobbies: Hiking, road biking, downhill skiing, cross-fit training, trying different kinds of foods, and traveling

Words of Wisdom: Ask questions and utilize your faculty. I can just about guarantee that someone else will have the same question and is afraid to ask it. Also, get involved and network! Networking is key to finding a job after your degree- somebody will know somebody who can help you get your foot in the door.

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