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Training Request

Would you like to schedule a D2L training session with eLearning? Call us at 303.797.5080 to schedule a one-on-one training session. You can also email us at: If you would like to sign up for our upcoming workshops or webinars, visit our Training Opportunities page.

We have developed this page to provide ACC faculty with online resources on the D2L platform. We are now in version 10.4.11 of D2L and are in the process of updating our documentation. Please bear with us.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for each course shell are as follows:

Updating Contact Information PDF  Learn how to update your contact information in the Welcome widget of the course homepage. (Watch Video) 

Adding a Welcome Announcement PDF  In this document, you will learn how to create a welcome announcement for students in the News section of the course homepage. (Watch Video)

Managing Files PDF  Learn how to upload the syllabus and schedule files to the manage files area. This is the recommended practice for uploading course files into the shell. Following this step, you can link the files anywhere in the course for students to view. The next two documents explain two different possibilities. (Watch Video)

Linking the Syllabus and Schedule in Content PDF  After uploading the files to the manage files area, learn how to create links to those files in the content area for students to view. (Watch Video)

Creating Syllabus and Schedule Links on the Homepage PDF  Learn how to create links to the syllabus and the schedule files that were previously uploaded into the manage files area. You can create the links in the Welcome widget of the course homepage. (Watch Video)

Thanks to the hard work of the eLearning team and the online standards committee, we now have accessible syllabi templates posted below. We also have the 4 page review form that was designed by the online standards committee and is used to review online courses.

Accessible Syllabi Templates

UDL Standard Syllabus Template WORD

UDL Competency Syllabus Template WORD

4 Page Course Review Form

4 Page Course Review Form PDF

4 Page Course Review Form WORD

D2L Gradebook

Thanks to the hard work of ACC's eLearning team, we now have documentation on the gradebook. Learn everything from setting up your gradebook in a points or weighted system to releasing final grades to students. Below is a list of documents in Portable Document Format (PDF), each accompanied by a tutorial video demonstration:

Other Tools

The eLearning team has prepared documents that will help you understand and set up the most commonly used tools in your course. Below is a list of these tools:

Tips and Tricks

Below is a list of tips and tricks that you might also find helpful. Each Portable Document Format (PDF) is accompanied by a short tutorial video demonstration.

More Resources

More resources on D2L can be found on the CCCS help desk site.

Use a Course Checklist to make sure that your course is ready to go.