Political Science

Political science is the social science discipline that describes and analyzes political and governmental institutions and processes. It concerns itself with the conduct of government and the creation of government policy. It studies the structure and activities of political parties and the social, cultural, ethnic and historical factors that drive these activities.

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Why Political Science?

Are you looking to launch a career in politics or just general community service? If so, a political science degree is the perfect foundation. Employers in both the private and public industry value a political science student because of the skills earned through this program.

Political science students at ACC learn how to analyze, communicate and implement a number of diverse strategies when it comes to approaching business and community problems. We will help you acquire those skills most in a globalizing economy and society:

  • Writing
  • Communications
  • Critical Analysis

As a student of Political Science at ACC you will benefit from:

  • Faculty members who are committed to teaching as their top priority. Who encourage one-on-one student access. Who provide mentoring.
  • Small class sizes and a strong commitment to engaging, practical approaches to learning.
  • A number of Guaranteed Transfer courses that will provide the foundation for a successful four-year degree in Political Science or related fields.

A background in Political Science opens doors to a wide variety of career paths.

Move Mountains with a degree in Political Science!

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