Great Books Program

Great Ideas Come Alive in the Great Books Program at ACC

What is ACC'S Great Books Program?photo of great book authors

  • One of only six community colleges in the U.S. with a Great Books Program approved by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education
  • Read works by authors recognized as the primary voices in their fields - for instance, you might read Sigmund Freud in psychology or John Maynard Keynes in economics
  • Great Books classes discuss a common study topic, such as the pursuit of happiness, or the current Phi Theta Kappa honors study topic, which emphasizes the connections among all the liberal arts and sciences
  • Complete four Great Books classes with a B or better and you will be awarded a Great Books certificate and be honored at ACC's Arts and Humanities awards ceremony at the end of Spring semester

Why Should I take Great Books classes?

  • A Great Books Achievement Certificate is an academic honor
  • Many admissions committees at four-year colleges and universities recognize that your Great Books Achievement Certificate shows you are a serious student with high academic standards and achievements.

Is ACC's Great Books Program an Honors Program?

  • No. Any student may enroll in any Great Books class as long as you meet the prerequisites for that class.

Are Great Books sections harder than other sections?

  • No. In many Great Books classes of literature, humanities, and philosophy the readings are exactly the same as in other sections
  • In others, such as history and biology, the readings may be more challenging, or just different
  • Your Great Books faculty are trained to help you in understanding the readings

How do I know which classes are Great Books classes?

  • You will find Great Books classes listed in the College Schedule of Classes with a notation that says "This section is part of the Great Books Program."
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