Student Government

About Student Government

Student Government gives you a great opportunity to become more involved at ACC. As a member, you may participate in leadership development activities, serve on college and CCCS committees, plan community service opportunities and represent ACC students. Your involvement in Student Government is a great way to develop assets for your resume such as interpersonal and team-work skills and a can-do attitude!

Student elections for 2014/15 will take place on April 2014. Pick up an application from the Student Government Office or from the Student Affairs Office, M2820.

Please view the timeline for the election, here.

Health and Wellness Student Fee vote Information

To promote student success, ACC Student Government is supporting a Health and Wellness student fee to include mental health services and open access to the existing ACC Fitness Center for all students who pay student activity fees.

In February 2014, a survey was sent to all ACC students via their student email regarding options related to a new health and wellness fee. The survey has been closed and the results are in. Please view the final results here. Based on these survey results, a proposal was sent to the ACC President, Dr. Doyle, to ask for support of a $9.50 fee per semester. If this proposal is supported, the student body will vote to make this fee a reality in April 2014.

If you would like to provide feedback or gain more information about the upcoming student fee vote in April 2014, please email Student Government at

2013-2014 Student Government Executive Committee

  • President  - Brice R. Toole
  • Vice President - Kim Cowie 
  • Secretary - Heidi Spurgeon
  • Treasurer - Eugene Sanders
  • SSAC Representative - Brian Yormack
  • SSAC Alternate Representative - Tristin Pounders
  • Executive Representative/Parliamentarian - Duncan Smith
  • Student Interest Committee Chair - Tristin Pounders
  • Student Liaison - Brian Yormack

What are the officer positions in Student Government?

The President of the ACC Student Government is the students' voice to campus administration. The President communicates with individuals and groups to ensure that the needs of our students are heard.

The Vice President performs the duties of the President in the President's absence. The Vice President will assist the President in managing the operations of the organization and be responsible for Student Government events and programs.

The Treasurer is responsible for ACC Student Government financial matters and keeps an accurate account of all funds received and spent. The Treasurer serves as a custodian of all financial records and funds for Student Government.

The Secretary serves as the recorder for ACC Student Government meetings and is responsible for the production and distribution of meeting minutes and agendas.

The SSAC Representative is the voice of Arapahoe Community College students to the State Student Advisory Council for the Colorado Community College System.

Why should I become involved with Student Government?

 The leadership skills and experiences gained by being involved in student government are extremely valuable for both your personal and professional life. By being part of the decision making process you will be an advocate for change and be an influential voice on campus. Student Government is always in need of committee members and participants.

 How do I become a member of the ACC Student Government?

  • Go to the Student Affairs Office (Room M2820) and pick up an application.
  • Complete the application, write a letter of interest, acquire two letters of reference – one from a faculty member and one from a college staff member of your choice and collect the required 50 VALID student signatures. Submit packet to the Student Affairs Office and visit Human Resources to complete a background check. 
  • An election process is held annually, but students can join Student Government at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semester.

How long is my term on Student Government?

Your term runs through the following Spring Semester elections. At that time you can run for reelection for another term.

What are the responsibilities after I am elected?

  • You must be enrolled in six (6) credit hours at ACC during the fall and spring semesters.
  • You must have a cumulative G.P.A. of AT LEAST 3.0 and be a student in good standing.
  • Attend Student Government meetings.