Medical Transcription

What do Medical Transcriptionists do?

  • Type voice recordings made by physicians or other health care professionals into medical reports
  • Use their knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, diagnostic procedures and treatment
  • Create accurate medical records

About Our Program

  • Completely online
  • Provides skills necessary to succeed in this growing healthcare field
  • Improves computer and typing skills while developing competency in medical transcription
  • Convenient at home studying and working
  • Competency-based - you move on when you demonstrate ability in the current lesson
  • As soon as you pass all tests and the final exam, you’re ready for employment
  • The cost of the program is $2,995.00

Program Benefits Include:

  • Flexible schedule allows you to learn the material at your own pace
  • You acquire the necessary tools to become a successful medical transcriptionist
  • You can discuss current class topics with other students in forums and real-time chat rooms
  • Monthly discussion groups focus on career opportunities, job hunting, resume writing and related topics

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