Workforce Training Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a computer course with Workforce Training and what is the schedule?
You can register online by clicking "Register Now" in the purple menu on the left or call 303.734.3701 for non-credit computer classes held at the ACC Parker Campus. All of the Workforce Training computer courses can be scheduled for an entire company and can be held at our site or yours.

I am interested in the RN Refresher course. How do I enroll?
A current or lapsed Colorado RN License is required to enroll in the program. The course is made up of three parts: online, hands-on skills lab, and clinical experience and usually takes approximately 12 – 16 weeks to complete. Please call 303.734.3701 for full details and to request an application to be emailed.

I am a trainer / instructor / corporate representative and I would like to offer training seminars / classes to the Workforce Training Division. What do I need to do?
Call 303.734.3702 to discuss upcoming training possibilities and newly scheduled programs that Workforce offers. Your resume and course outlines can be sent to cld@arapahoe.edu.

We are a corporation in need of 'XYZ' training. What do you offer that can help us?
Call 303.734.3702 for customized training solutions that will meet your specific needs.

I am interested in the Event Management program and/or the Online Medical Transcription Program that you offer. Where do I find more information?
Register through the "Register Now" in the menu on the left and check the schedules for either program. Call 303.734.3701 for information and registration materials for the medical transcription program.

I am interested in grant funded training. How can I find out more about this training?
Select the State Training Grants link in the menu on the left to research this opportunity. There will be some forms to fill out, if you have any questions, call 303.734.3702 and we will happily assist you.