BLS Provider

BLS Provider

Christine Cruzan
The BLS Provider course meets the requirements of American Heart Association Basic Life Support for those who work in Emergency Services, Healthcare and other professional areas. Material presented in this course is basic patient assessment, basic airway management, rescue breathing, AED use and CPR for infant, children and adult patients. To receive a course completion card/certificate, students will be required to successfully demonstrate appropriate CPR with the use of an AED and complete the BLS exam at a score greater than 84%. *You must purchase and bring the AHA BLS provider manual to class. Books are not provided. The manual must include the 2015 guideline updates: ISBN number for the manual is 978-1-61669-407-4.

Sat, Jan 19, 9am-2pm               Littleton Campus
EMSS 1015S01-80052            $79, plus manual* closed

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EMSS 1015SS02-80053        $79, plus manual* 

Sat, Jun 1, 9am-2pm                    Littleton Campus
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BLS Renewal Skills Session

Christine Cruzan
This course will complete the skills session requirement for American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider online renewal. Pre-requisites: You must complete the Heartcode BLS Part 1 online course prior to attending the skills session. The cost of the OnlineAHA course is $28.50. You must bring the completion certificate from this course to the Arapahoe Community College BLS Renewal Skills Session in order to participate.

Sat, Jan 19, 2-4pm              Littleton Campus
EMSS 1014S01-80054         $39, plus manual* closed

Sat, Jan 26, 2-4pm              Littleton Campus
EMSS 1014S02-80055         $39, plus manual* closed

Sat, June 1, 2-4pm              Littleton Campus
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Colorado EMS Instructor Series

Colorado EMS Instructor Series

The courses in this series were developed through the Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Section of the CDPHE. These sequential courses build upon each other. Note: In order to register for the Primary Instructor Course, you must have completed the 1-Day EMS Skill Instructor course. For specific course content information, please call the EMS Department at 303.797.5213 or email dennis.edgerly [at]

EMS Skill Instructor

This course is designed to develop proficient instructors to aid in the learning process for performance-based knowledge within initial EMS programs. The skill instructor assists primary instructors through interaction with learning in laboratory, scenario, and simulation settings as well as evaluating learner performance in testing situations. Topics in this course include: EMS education in Colorado, laws and instructor liability, adult learning, and skills acquisition. This course includes interactive learning activities and an evaluation of knowledge achievement. *You must purchase the course text, Teaching Health Careers Education: Tools for Classroom Success, ISBN 9780323042567.

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EMSS 1016S01-80222                    $119, plus book*

Colorado EMS Primary Instructor

ACC EMS Academy Staff
This course builds upon the Skill Instructor course to develop core competencies for instructors wishing to be primary instructors. Topics include: ideal instructor characteristics, adult learning, goals and objectives, lesson planning, presentation techniques, facilitated thinking, student and program evaluation, communication skills, classroom management, legal and ethical issues, and teaching with case studies and games. Throughout the modules of this course learners will be provided the steps to prepare and deliver a presentation. Prerequisite: Completion of the 1-day Skill Instructor course. *You must purchase the course text, Teaching Health Careers Education: Tools for Classroom Success, ISBN 9780323042567.

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EMSS 1017S01-80223                       $329, plus book*

Colorado EMS Training Administration Orientation

ACC EMS Academy Staff
This course is designed to orient coordinators and primary instructors to the rules, regulations, and policies governing EMS education training centers in Colorado. Some of the topics covered during the course are Colorado rules and regulations, EMTS organization, FERPA, and educational resources for the primary instructor. *You must purchase the course text, Teaching Health Careers Education: Tools for Classroom Success, ISBN 9780323042567.

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EMSS 1018S01-80224                          $79, plus book*


CPR, First Aid, AED

Heartsaver First Aid, CPR and AED

Christine Cruzan
This OSHA approved course is designed for anyone with limited or no medical training who needs a course completion card in first aid, CPR and AED use to meet job, regulatory or other requirements. It is also perfect for anyone wanting to be prepared in the event of an injury or emergency.  Heartsaver® First Aid, CPR and AED is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage a first aid, choking or sudden cardiac arrest emergency in the first few minutes until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives. Students learn skills such as how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock and other first aid emergencies. This course also teaches adult, child and infant CPR and AED use. Students will receive a Heartsaver® First Aid, CPR and AED course completion card, valid for two years. The cost of the course includes the completion card ($20 fee). *You must purchase and bring the AHA BLS provider manual to class. Books are not provided. The manual must include the 2015 guideline updates: ISBN number for the manual is 978-1-61669-407-4.

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EMSS 1013S01-80051          $99, plus book

EMT Refresher

EMT Refresher

ACC EMS Academy Staff
This course consists of 40 hours of classroom and lab sessions. A course completion certificate will be granted once you have completed all course and practical examination work successfully. Your eligibility to re-certify must be verified by you with the National Registry and/or the State of Colorado. Practical skills attestation will take place during the course for both National Registry and State certificate holders. Those that are required to take the formal National Registry Skill Examination will be given information for upcoming exam dates and times. This formal assessment is in addition to the EMT Refresher Course.

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EMSS 5001S01-80221         $385, includes training manual

Medical Assistant Apprenticeship

Centura Health Physician Group logoThe Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Program is a six-month program that prepares students to take the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) test through the National Healthcareer Association. Apprentices will be hired by Centura Health as Medical Assistant apprentices while completing their medical assistant training through Arapahoe Community College. Once individuals have completed their training they will be hired on full-time at a Centura Health facility as a Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistants are allied health professionals who work alongside providers to perform both administrative and clinical duties in mostly outpatient care facilities. They are cross-trained for both front and back office duties such as answering telephones, greeting patients, and coding/billing insurance forms. They are a vital partner to the provider in the care of the patient. Back office responsibilities include taking medical histories, assisting in examinations and procedures, patient education, and performing or arranging a vast array of medical tests.

What will this apprenticeship get you?
CCMA Certification and employment as a Medical Assistant at Centura

Is there a cost?

What are the qualifications/requirements?
High School diploma/ GED – ACT/SAT scores or ACCUPLACER results

How long is the apprenticeship?
6-month apprenticeship program

Who do you contact?
Shao Yeung | 303.797.5723 | shao.yeung [at]

  1. Complete Arapahoe Community College Application
  2. Provide Standardized test results (ACCUPLACER, SAT, or ACT scores)
  3. Apply for Federal Financial Aid
  4. Contact your local Workforce Center
  5. Complete the online application for medical assistant apprenticeship program

Medical Coding and Billing

Professional Medical Coding and Billing (PMCB) includes:

  • Preparation for national certification exams
  • Course developed by previous AHIMA employees and industry leading experts in ICD-10
  • An entirely online program through CareerStep with optional discussion groups bi-monthly in Parker, CO
  • Learning medical terminology and coding standards
  • Studying specific inpatient and outpatient medical code sets using ICD-10
  • Training on 3M encoding software-used by many industry employers
  • Be ready for a successful transition to the workplace
  • Convenient at home studying and possible working at home

PMCB ICD-10 Learning Objectives

Medical Billing only course:

The Medical Billing program helps students develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully work in healthcare reimbursement. Students learn medical terminology, documentation and confidentiality, medical coding basics, and patient billing and collections as well as specialized considerations such as the ICD-10 code set and X12 5010 billing system. In addition to one-on-one instructor support and personalized graduate support, students receive five textbooks and a one-year membership to the American Medical Billing Association.

Medical Billing Brochure

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Medical Transcription

What do Medical Transcriptionists do?

  • Type voice recordings made by physicians or other health care professionals into medical reports
  • Use their knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, diagnostic procedures and treatment
  • Create accurate medical records

About Our Program

  • Completely online through CareerStep
  • Provides skills necessary to succeed in this growing healthcare field
  • Improves computer and typing skills while developing competency in medical transcription
  • Convenient at home studying and working
  • Competency-based - you move on when you demonstrate ability in the current lesson
  • As soon as you pass all tests and the final exam, you’re ready for employment
  • The cost of the program is $2,995.00

Program Benefits Include:

  • Flexible schedule allows you to learn the material at your own pace
  • You acquire the necessary tools to become a successful medical transcriptionist
  • You can discuss current class topics with other students in forums and real-time chat rooms
  • Monthly discussion groups focus on career opportunities, job hunting, resume writing and related topics

MT Program Details

MT Program Syllabus

MT Industry Facts

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Paramedic Refresher

Paramedic Refresher Course

ACC EMS Academy Staff
The goal of the Paramedic Refresher course is to provide a review of content and skills required for certificate renewal at the paramedic level. Included is 44 hours of instruction and 12 hours of lab time. The course meets or exceeds all National Continued Competency Program and the Colorado Paramedic certificate renewal requirements. It is designed to refresh and reinforce previous knowledge and explore new concepts.  The instructors provide clinically relevant information to help stay current on the latest medical and trauma management methods. Course content includes online components. This course is also an excellent opportunity to network with other Paramedics from across the region. Your eligibility to re-certify must be verified by you with the National Registry and the State of Colorado. If you are admitted into the Paramedic Refresher course, Arapahoe Community College EMS makes no guarantee of your ability to recertify through National Registry or the State of Colorado. For course content, please call the Don Stroup at 303.797.5233 or email don.Stroup [at]

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EMSS 5002S01-80207           $495 includes training manual