Professional Development

Au Pair Education

If you are an Au Pair in need of education hours, ACC offers several courses which may be of interest to you. Contact our office for more information at 303.797.5981.

Computer Software Applications

Microsoft Office
Excel and Word Certificates

Successfully complete all three classes for either Excel or Word or both and receive 1.8 CEUs along with a certificate of completion for each series of classes you attend. Classes may also be taken individually if you do not wish to obtain the certificate.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016

Enter and edit information. Create and copy simple formulas and functions. Use Cut/Copy/Paste and Drag and Drop to duplicate or reorganize data. Apply borders, shading and other formats. Sort and graph your data. Prerequisite: Windows knowledge.

Thu, Sep 27-Oct 4, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks     Littleton Campus
COMP 1007F01-68039              $179, includes manual closed

Fri, Oct 5, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.              Parker Campus
COMP 1007FP1-68040              $179, includes manual closed

add to cartSat, Nov 3, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.            Littleton Campus
COMP 1007F02-68041                         $179, includes manual

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016

Work with multiple and large workbooks. Enter a 3D formula. Learn about outlines, subtotals, tables, and lists. Apply names to ranges. Practice advanced graphing techniques. Prerequisite: Introduction to Excel or equivalent knowledge.

add to cartThu, Oct 11-18, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks          Littleton Campus
COMP 1008F01-68042                         $179, includes manual

add to cartFri, Oct 12, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.             Parker Campus
COMP 1008FP1-68043                        $179, includes manual

add to cartSat, Nov 10, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.            Littleton Campus
COMP 1008F02-68044                         $179, includes manual

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016

Create and use pivot tables and charts; lookup functions and multiple workbook techniques; create and edit macros and customize toolbars. Prerequisite: Intermediate Excel or equivalent knowledge.

add to cartThu, Oct 25-Nov 1, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks           Littleton Campus
COMP 1009F01-68045                              $179, includes manual

add to cartFri, Oct 19, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.              Parker Campus
COMP 1009FP1-68046                           $179, includes manual

add to cartSat, Nov 17, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.              Littleton Campus
COMP 1009F02-68047                         $179, includes manual

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016

This introductory course will equip new students with an overview of Word basics, providing a beginner level foundation of the application. Students will be engaged with hands on learning as they apply learned concepts to create relevant, mock work examples such as a brochure, resume table and more.

Tue, Sep 25-Oct 2, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks     Littleton Campus
COMP 1010F01-68048             $179, includes manual closed

Sat, Oct 6, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                               Littleton Campus
COMP 1010F02-68049              $179, includes manual closed

add to cartFri, Nov 2, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                              Parker Campus
COMP 1010FP1-68050                        $179, includes manual

Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016

This intermediate level course will build on the basics to expand students’ MS Word skill-set as they learn special text effects, mail merging and the key tools essential to long documents. Students will be engaged with hands on learning as they apply learned concepts to create relevant, mock work examples such as a newsletter, table of contents and more.

add to cartTue, Oct 9-16, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks           Littleton Campus
COMP 1011F01-68051             $179, includes manual

add to cartSat, Oct 13, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                                Littleton Campus
COMP 1011F01-68052           $179, includes manual

add to cartFri, Nov 9, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                              Parker Campus
COMP 1011FP1-68053                       $179, includes manual

Advanced Microsoft Word 2016

This advanced level course will enable students to maximize the features and uses of MS Word as they learn about sharing and securing documents, working with macros and integrating Word with Excel, PowerPoint and the Web. Students will be engaged with hands on learning as they apply learned concepts to create relevant, mock work examples.

add to cartTue, Oct 23-30, 6:30-9:30 p.m., 2 wks            Littleton Campus
COMP 1014F01-68054                          $179, includes manual

add to cartSat, Oct 20, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                                Littleton Campus
COMP 1014F02-68055                           $179, includes manual

add to cartFri, Nov 16, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                               Parker Campus
COMP 1014FP1-68056                          $179, includes manual

Drone Technology

Introduction to sUAS - Become a sUAS Pilot

Greg DePrez
Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS or drone) technology is transforming the face of business and recreation.  The Introduction to sUAS course will give you the skills and knowledge required to pilot drones and access emerging job opportunities. Our hands-on Knowledge-to-Action curriculum, tested and vetted by the State University of New York, gives advanced insight into the business and employment opportunities created by drones. It takes students from learning to fly drones all the way through to preparing for FAA certification. Students learn to fly safely and legally, understand new jobs and business models, prepare to pass the remote pilot knowledge test for FAA certification, and get the most out of their drones. The course fee includes a quadcopter with a camera and a computer flight simulator. Topics covered include, flying multirotor & fixed wing drones, indoor flight training, diverse flight systems, maintenance, safety, insurance, industry applications, emerging technologies, and the latest FAA Policies.

Tue/Thu, Sep 4-20, 6-9:30 p.m., 3 wks      Littleton Campus
RECR 2001F01-68201                              $1490 closed



Equine Training and Management Certificate Program

Gain academic, technical, and professional skills while learning to establish safe, trusting, and responsive relationships with horses. Based on your interests, courses may be taken individually or as a series culminating in a non-credit professional certificate. All classes held on the Littleton Campus unless noted otherwise.

Damian Ficca, the lead instructor, has been teaching horse training and management for over 20 years. His teaching career began as a part-time instructor for the University of Nevada, University of California Davis, and Flathead Valley Community College. Fifteen years ago he transitioned to full-time teaching in Colorado beginning at Front Range Community College within the professional development and workforce training division and then currently at Arapahoe Community College with the same division. He is a Denver native who has bred, trained, and worked horses throughout the western United States. He is one of a select group of individuals who specialize in traditional western training, with roots in the Spanish, California, and Nevada horse training methods. He received his Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Nevada and a Career Certificate in Animal Care Specialist from Ashworth College.

Equine Internships

Gain professional experience in equine training and management through internships in the equine industry. Instructor approves placements and works closely with intern and sponsor. This program is not part of the certificate program but you may enroll if you want to participate in more hands-on experience within the equine industry. Days and times scheduled with the instructor. September 5 - December 12.

add to cartHRSM1009F01-68072                 20 hours a week    $499
add to cartHRSM1009F02-68073                 30 hours a week    $599
add to cartHRSM1009F03-68074                 40 hours a week    $699

Equine Special Topics

Presentations and guest speakers on a variety of topics related to horsemanship, horse training, health care, hoof care, nutrition, and management will be offered. Course covers seasonal as well as timely topics.

add to cartTue, Sep 11-Dec 11, 6-7:30 p.m., 14 wks      Littleton Campus
HRSM1002F01-68079                                                $199

Bits & Bitting

This course provides a study of the five groups of bits, the use of the bitting wall, the anatomy and physiology of the equine oral cavity, the identification of injury and disease, the history and use of the hackamore with bosal, and the use of leg aids.

add to cartMon/Wed, Sep 5-Oct 22, 6-7:30 p.m., 7 wks  Littleton Campus
HRSM1045F01-68075                            $199, plus book

Breed Evaluation I

The core work of this course is the confirmation of the horse. It begins with the history of the different breeds of horses, their common use and characteristics, and their performance and potential for competition. Students begin to gain skills in compiling a detailed study of the confirmation of the horse.

add to cartMon/Wed, Sep 5-Oct 22, 7:45-9:15 p.m., 7 wks  Littleton Campus
HRSM1003F01-68076                              $199, plus book

Bits & Bitting II

A further examination of the use of the five groups of bits, the stand up seat, several rein aids and half halts, leg aids, stirrup pressures, and saddles and tack. Pre-requisite: Bits and Bitting I. *No class on Wednesday, November 21 due to Fall Break.

add to cartMon/Wed, Oct 24-Dec 12*, 6-7:30 p.m., 7 wks  Littleton Campus
HRSM2045F01-68077                              $199, plus book

Breed Evaluation II

This course allows students to continue to examine the confirmation of the horse by the study of the fore legs, the hind legs, the back, the head and neck, the chest, the muscular system, the skeleton, and the hoof.  Pre-requisite: Breed Evaluation I. *No class on Wednesday, November 21 due to Fall Break.

add to cartMon/Wed, Oct 24-Dec 12*, 7:45-9:15 p.m., 7 wks  Littleton Campus
HRSM2001F01-68078                            $199, plus book

Horse Training and Horsemanship Lab

Gain hands-on practice in the skills and methods for ground handling babies, yearlings and older horses; green broke training; retraining and finishing horses. Students must complete an average of 10 hours of lab work and 4 hours of independent study weekly. *Days and times scheduled with the instructor. Sessions held at barns throughout the region.

add to cartLocations, days and times are arranged with instructor     
Sep 5-Dec 5*         HRSM1010F01-68080         $399

FREE Information Session - Equine Open House

Thursday, December 13, 6-7 p.m. at the Littleton Campus

Learn about the program and talk with the instructor. Refreshments provided. Reservations required by calling 303.797.5722 or register online.

Event Management

Event Management Certificate

Designed for working adults, this fast track evening program prepares you to manage events with ease and at a professional level.

Program Features:

  • Taught by experienced event planners
  • Practical hands-on curriculum
  • High quality, experiential education
  • Fast track for working adults

Designed For:

  • People interested in learning more about event planning in a hands-on environment
  • Working professionals who are looking to change career fields to event planning
  • Entry-level event professionals seeking additional skills and knowledge

Meet Your Instructor:

Carol Lathrop earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Before she joined ACC, she served as an Affiliate Faculty in the Hospitality, Travel and Events Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  She has over 20 years’ experience managing all types of events.  Carol’s talent lies in event design and production for corporations, non-profits, weddings and social clients.

This program has two sessions. Session 1 classes meet Wednesday evenings from September 19 through December 19, 2018 from 6-9 with no class session on Wednesday, November 21 due to Fall Break.  Class sessions will be held at the Littleton Campus. Session 2 will meet Wednesday evenings from January 30 through April 24, 2019.

Session 1

  • Learn how to design your own event plan by applying event planning basics and best practices
  • Learn what it takes to be successful in this industry
  • Event basics
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Volunteer and Staff Management
  • Introduction of Event Marketing
  • Budgeting and Sponsorships

In order to be successful in this program you must possess knowledge of basic PC applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You will need access to a computer during the program which is necessary for classroom readings, discussions, and assignments. Successful completion of the certificate program requires full participation in Session 1 (13 weeks) and Session 2 (13 weeks) along with 24 hours of volunteer time at events.

Tuition: $1,299 per session

Wed, Sep 19-Dec 19, 6-9 p.m., 13 wks        Littleton Campus
EVTP 1002F01-68081                                   $1,299 closed

To register for more information call, 303-797-5722 or visit our website at for complete schedules, pricing, and class descriptions.

Floral Design

Floral Design Certificate

Earn a certificate in Floral Design Principles after you successfully complete the following series of courses, or you may take classes individually. Classes focus on fresh flower arranging and are taught by Crystal Oleskevich, who owns her own floral business.

Special notes about the certificate:

You have one year from initial registration to complete the program and a minimum number of students is required for each class. Your instructor will submit documentation for certification once you’ve complete all four of the required courses. Certificates are issued by Arapahoe Community College.

Introduction to Floral Design Principles Demonstration

Explore how to put flowers together using proven design principles. Get tips on purchasing fresh flowers and caring for flowers from your garden. Discuss the right tools and their care to create beautiful designs in this demonstration class.

Tue, Sep 18, 6-8 p.m.                         Littleton Campus
HRTC 1032F01-68082                          $69 closed

Concepts and Containers

Learn to create arrangements. Discuss styles including traditional, contemporary, oriental, funky, seasonal and special events. Explore color, focal point, pop, texture, volume and size. Make an arrangement to take home, container provided.

add to cartTue, Sep 25, 6-9 p.m.                                      Littleton Campus
HRTC 1033F01-68083        $69, $25 material fee to instructor

Creating Style, Shape and Color

Learn to utilize shape and color to create a stylish arrangement for any occasion. Bring your own favorite vase or container and make an arrangement to take home.

add to cartTue, Oct 2, 6-9 p.m.                                      Littleton Campus
HRTC 1034F01-68084       $69, $25 material fee to instructor

Arrangement Workshop and Critique

The culminating workshop brings your flower arranging skills together.  Make an arrangement to take home.

add to cartTue, Oct 9, 6-9 p.m.                                      Littleton Campus
HRTC 1035F01-68085        $69, $25 material fee to instructor


American Sign Language

Beginning American Sign Language

Joshua Berman
Designed for students that have limited or no knowledge of American Sign Language this course will introduce students to the basics of the language and Deaf culture. Students will focus on receptive and expressive skills in basic conversation, dialogue and vocabulary development. *No class held on November 20 due to Fall Break.

Tue, Sep 25-Dec 4*, 6:30-8:30 p.m., 10 wks   Littleton Campus
LANG 1008F01-68086                   $199, plus book closed


Beginning Mandarin Chinese

Holly Yang
Do you have an interest in China or the Chinese language? If so, this class provides the essential skills to get you started on the correct path. Learn the pinyin phonetic system, basic vocabulary, expressions, sentence patterns and simple conversations. Learn how to apply the pinyin knowledge to use a standard bilingual dictionary. Explore the basic Chinese character writing system including strokes, stroke orders, and radicals. Chinese culture will also be introduced. *No class held on Nov 22 due to Fall Break.

Thu, Oct 4-Dec 13*, 6-8 p.m., 10 wks   Littleton Campus closed
LANG 1063F01-68087        $199, plus $25 books/material fee to instructor


French Conversation: Intermediate Level

Fawzia Ahmad
Do you need to build up your French conversation skills? Do you want to review and build more confidence on a foundational knowledge of vocabulary and grammar learned in other classes? This class is for students that participated in previous French classes taught by Fawzia Ahmad this spring and summer. During this class students will have fun with more everyday situations such as sending a text message, speaking on the phone, what to say to a bank teller, how to ask your museum guide the correct question (and understand his/her answer), communicating with a French family that your child is staying with and/or communicating with a French family whose child you are hosting, etc. In addition, students will spend 40% of their time conversing about current events. Fawzia will provide an article to read for each class session. Or, students may bring in a topic and an article that they would like to discuss. Finally, this class will include off-campus meetings at a French cultural event or restaurant determined by the students.

add to cartSat, Sep 15-Nov 17, 12:30-2:45 p.m., 10 wks  Littleton Campus
LANG 1018F01-68088          $199, $16 material fee to instructor

Online Options

These are 6-week, 24 instructional hours, online classes which begin the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Course Name Course Number Cost
Beginning Conversational French ONLI 1236 $129


Beginning Conversational German

Birgid Howell
Immerse yourself in conversational German which emphasizes spoken language, simple vocabulary and phrases. Enjoy a strong emphasis on travel, history and culture. Begin with the basics of the language and advance quickly to help you converse comfortably.

Tue, Sep 18-Nov 6, 7-9 p.m., 8 wks       Littleton Campus
LANG 1010F01-68089                $179, plus book closed

Survival Tips for the Informed Traveler in German Speaking Countries

Karen Herz
Are you planning to travel to German speaking countries in the near future? If so, please let me be of assistance. We will discover some basic survival tips for traveling that will help you feel more at ease throughout your trip. We will learn everyday survival phrases and cultural characteristics as well as practice language skills with fellow students. I will also give you advice on how to navigate through your chosen country by train or car.

Wed, Sep 26-Oct 24, 6-8 p.m., 5 wks   Littleton Campus closed
LANG 1009F01-68090      $49, plus books, $15 materials fee to instructor

Online Options

These are 6-week, 24 instructional hours, online classes which begin the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Course Name Course Number Cost
German ONLI 2249 $129


Beginning Spanish

Maria Carrasco Stone/John Soister
Discover basic Spanish including common phrases and vocabulary that will enable you to communicate simply and clearly. Classes will not meet the week of November 19 due to Fall Break.

Mon, Sep 10-Nov 5*, 5-7 p.m., 9 wks   Littleton Campus closed
LANG 1020F01-68091    $199, $35 material fee to instructor

add to cartTue, Sep 18-Nov 27*, 6-8 p.m., 10 wks   Littleton Campus
LANG 1020F02-68093                              $199, plus book

Intermediate Spanish

Maria Carrasco Stone/TBD
Improve your skills learned in Beginning Spanish (a prerequisite for this class), or you may obtain permission from the instructor before enrolling. *Classes will not meet the week of November 19 due to Fall Break.

Mon, Sep 10-Nov 5, 7-9 p.m., 9 wks   Littleton Campus closed
LANG 1021F01-68094      $199, $35 material fee to instructor

Thu, Sep 20-Nov 29*, 6-8 p.m., 10 wks    Littleton Campus closed
LANG 1021F02-68096                     $199, plus book

Online Options

These are 6-week, 24 instructional hours, online classes which begin the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Course Name Course Number Cost
Speed Spanish I ONLI 1233 $129
Speed Spanish II ONLI 1234 $129
Speed Spanish III ONLI 1235 $129
Spanish (Latin American) ONLI 2237 $99
Speed Spanish Series ONLI 2042 $300
Spanish for Banking ONLI 2226 $99
Spanish for Customer Service ONLI 2227 $99
Spanish for Real Estate ONLI 2228 $129
Spanish for Law Enforcement ONLI 2229 $99
Spanish for 911 Dispatch ONLI 2230 $99
Spanish for EMS and Fire ONLI 2231 $99
Spanish for Teachers ONLI 2232 $129
Spanish for Corrections ONLI 2233 $99
Spanish for Park Rangers ONLI 2238 $99


Becoming a Professional Mediator 

Trish Elledge
Calling all coaches, trainers, speakers, entrepreneurs, counselors, consultants, career re-inventors and retirees! Learn about the burgeoning field of professional mediation, how it can serve as a valuable skill set to incorporate into your career path and life. Gain a thorough introduction to the mediation world and learn what it really takes to become a successful six-figure mediator, what a day in the life of a professional mediator is like, the pros and cons of the field, job opportunities, training requirements, training resources, and more.
add to cartMon, Sep 24, 6:30-8:30 p.m.        Littleton Campus
BUSI 1032F01-68097         $49, $8 material fee to instructor

Basic Mediation 40-Hour Certificate Program

Trish Elledge
Join the burgeoning field of professional mediation. With more courts ordering litigants to mediation, corporations implementing internal dispute resolution programs, and neighborhood associations realizing the long-term benefits of amicably resolved disputes between neighbors, is it any wonder that mediation is one of the fastest-growing profes- sions across the country? Get the fundamental concepts, skills, and practice essential skills to add professional media- tion to your skill set. It meets the voluntary training guideline set forth by the Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations (CCM). Certificate of completion awarded upon successful completion of course.

add to cartFri-Sun,Oct 12-14 and Oct 19-21, 2 wks      Littleton Campus
Fri/Sat 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sun 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
BUSI 1001F01-68098        $599, $25 material fee to instructor

Social Media Digital Marketing

Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate

Successfully complete all three classes and receive a Social Media Digital Marketing Certificate. If you are not interested in the certificate and would like to take only one or two of the classes that is also available. These classes are eligible for CEU credits.

How to Use Social Networking to Boost Your Business

Carrie Gottschalk
What’s all the madness about Facebook and Twitter? These sites offer a lot more than telling people what you had for lunch. Become familiar with and learn how to use social networking to build your business quickly. Discover the top social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Learn how to build your profile, what information is important to include about yourself and your business, build your friends and connections. Discover ways to connect your blogs and websites to your social sites and use them for effective marketing. Traditional marketing may be a thing of the past when you discover how easy it is to network online.

add to cartWed, Sep 12, 6-9 p.m.                                 Littleton Campus
BUSI 1060F01-68099       $79, $5 material fee to instructor

Facebook Your Way to Business Success

Carrie Gottschalk
Thousands of people are joining Facebook every day not just to find old friends, but to build their businesses too. With over 400 million accounts within the Facebook community, this isn’t an opportunity that can be ignored. Whether you have a local service business, or a business that can have clients anywhere in the world, you’ll find Facebook an attractive tool to add to your marketing plans. Be successful using this tool and get personal assistance.

add to cartMon, Sep 17, 6-9 p.m.                  Littleton Campus
BUSI 1077F01-68100      $79, $5 material fee to instructor

Introduction to Facebook Advertising: Secrets to Boost Your Likes and Views

Carrie Gottschalk
You must pay to play! Facebook has changed the way the News Feed works for users. Facebook’s organic is declining rapidly. Advertising has become an essential part of a social media marketing strategy, and knowing how to properly advertise on Facebook has become key to a business’s success. Explore the types of advertising, how and when to use each type of ad, how to identify a target audience and how to set up and create an ad on Facebook.

add to cartWed, Sep 19, 6-9 p.m.                 Littleton Campus
BUSI 1076F01-68101      $79, $5 material fee to instructor


WordPress Web Design Certificate 

Obtain a Basic WordPress Content Management Certificate by successfully completing these 4 hands-on classes. Classes are small for individualized attention and must be completed this term. There are no class substitutions to receive a series certificate. Classes may also be taken individually if you do not wish to obtain the certificate. In addition to learning the basics of WordPress, you will get insight into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website management best practices, website security and much more from an industry professional.

Website Fundamentals for WordPress

Greg Jameson
This is the first class in the series for a certificate in WordPress Content Management. Get an overview of what WordPress is and how it can serve as a platform for you to create your website. Learn the history of WordPress and how it has evolved over time to become a complete Content Management System or CMS. Get insight into the basics of how WordPress works as well as the difference between and We will end by logging in and taking a look at the WordPress Dashboard.

add to cartWed, Sep 26, 6-9 p.m.                      Littleton Campus
COMP 1059F01-68102                           $69

WordPress I

Greg Jameson
WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) associated most often with blogs but is gaining reputation for designing dynamic websites. In this section we will dive in to content management and learn to build Posts and Pages so you will be proficient in developing the content for your site. You will receive a wealth of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and site structure techniques to ensure you get traffic to your site after launch. With this knowledge in hand you will be well on your way to creating your website.

add to cartWed, Oct 3-10, 6-9 p.m., 2 wks          Littleton Campus
COMP 1045F01-68103                         $99

WordPress II

Greg Jameson
Building on what you learned in WordPress I, we will continue with content management by covering the capabilities of the WordPress Media Library and Blog Commenting sections. You will learn strategies on finding and vetting themes as well as how to install and preview them with your own content. In addition, you will learn how to create your site’s navigation menus and how to use widgets to add additional content or meta data to your site. We will conclude this section by covering the details of user management and go step-by-step through each of the WordPress settings to optimize your website.

add to cartWed, Oct 17-31, 6-9 p.m., 3 wks           Littleton Campus
COMP 1046F01-68104                           $109

WordPress III

Greg Jameson
A continuation of WordPress ll, we will focus on plugins and extending the functionality of your website. You will learn how to find and vet plugins before installing them. We will install several commonly used WordPress plugins and learn how to configure them and use them to enhance your site. We will finish the series with an overview of HTML and CSS you can use to really take control of your website and make customizations above and beyond the limitations of many available themes. No class session on November 21 due to the Thanksgiving holiday week.

add to cartWed, Nov 7-28*, 6-9 p.m., 3 wks              Littleton Campus
COMP 1047F01-68105                              $109