Action Camera Diver

Action Camera Diver - Certification Course

Scott Van DeHey
Are you a certified scuba diver? If so, this class is for you! Students will meet at Carmody Recreation Center, 2200 S Kipling St Lakewood, CO 80027. Students are required to complete a Medical Questionnaire (dive clearance if applicable), Liability Wavier, and complete a swim test PRIOR to their course. Students are required to bring their own gear, and scuba certification card. Please make arrangements for Friday with the instructor by contacting him at hasselblad1369 [at] This course will consist of workbook exercises, classroom learning and time in the water. Registration deadline is one week prior to the start of course. The IANTD Action Camera course is aimed at shooting compact underwater video like the GoPro, but is not limited to GoPro’s. The only camera requirements are that the camera needs to be compact and it must be able to at least shoot 1080p video format. This course goes over video techniques and preparing the housing and camera for diving and much more! For anyone that is already a certified scuba diver and wants to expertly capture all the live action during their dives, this course is definitely for you!

Fri, June 7, 8am-4:30pm by arrangement
and Sat, June 22, 8am-4:30pm | Carmody Recreation Center
RECR 1004M01-58142 | $449, includes manual | closed

add to cartFri, July 12, 8am-4:30pm by arrangement
and Sat, July 20, 8am-4:30pm | Carmody Recreation Center
RECR 1004M02-58197 | $449, includes manual

add to cartFri, Aug 16, 8am-4:30pm by arrangement
and Sat, Aug 31, 8am-4:30pm | Carmody Recreation Center
RECR 1004M03-58198 | $449, includes manual


Motorcycle Training

Abate of Colorado

The Community Education partners with ABATE to offer motorcycle training classes. These courses follow the Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum and are taught by instructors from ABATE of Colorado. For all motorcycle classes, helmets, full-fingered gloves, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, eye protection, as well as sturdy, over the ankle shoes are required for all riding sessions. Loaner helmets are available for use in the class. Pre-registration and prepayment are required. Courses meet on the many weekends at Arapahoe Community College. Students who do not cancel within 48 business hours of the course will not receive a tuition refund or date transfer. For class schedule, availability and to pre-register, visit the ABATE website or call ABATE at 303-789-3264.

BASIC RIDER COURSE is a 15-hour course designed for the new rider. Begin with the most basic information on motorcycle controls and operation and continue to include modules on street strategies, obstacle avoidance and braking skills. Motorcycles are provided. The Basic Rider Course is mentally and physically demanding. Be prepared. Recent bicycle riding experience is assumed.

The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles accepts successful completion of this class for the skills and written tests for your Motorcycle Endorsement. Proof of successful completion must be taken to the DMV to receive an endorsement. A valid Colorado driver's license or instructional permit is required. Students under 18 years of age must have parent sign a liability waiver prior to the class. The State of Colorado requires individuals less than 18 years of age to hold a motorcycle instructional permit for one year prior to obtaining a full endorsement.

The EXPERIENCED RIDER COURSE is a 6 1/2 hour course, conducted on a Saturday from noon-6:30 p.m. and is designed for the licensed rider with a year or more road experience. The course is conducted on the participant's own motorcycle. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum concentrates on those skills found lacking in the accident-involved rider. This is an accelerated course. Be prepared. You will be tested at the end of the course and can obtain your completion card for license endorsement. A valid motorcycle license is required for enrollment. Participants must provide current registration and proof of insurance. Your motorcycle must be in good running order, have a fresh and fully charged battery, good tires, and good working brakes.

Bikes will be checked as well as a motorcycle endorsement and current insurance card. Without these items, you may not attend the class. For class schedule, availability and to pre-register, visit the ABATE website or call 303.789.3264.

Driver Safety

AARP Smart Driver

This classroom course helps drivers, 50 years and older, refine existing skills and develop safe, defensive driving techniques. Pre-registration is required. You may be eligible for an automotive insurance discount by successfully completing this class.

add to cartSat, June 22, 9am-1pm | Littleton Campus
SENR 1010M01-58185         
$15/AARP member or $20/AARPnon-member paid to instructor

add to cartSat, Aug 24, 9am-1pm | Littleton Campus
SENR 1010M02-58186         
$15/AARP member or $20/AARP non-member paid to instructor


Drone Technology

Drones 101 for the Hobbyist

Steven Sande
Every time you turn around these days, you’re hearing about drones. There’s a reason for that; drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial systems, are being used for both commercial purposes and are a popular personal photography platform. This class answers the questions you may have about drones, including: What kind of drones are there? How do quadcopters work? What can I do with a drone? Are drones hard to fly? Where can I legally fly a drone? Do I need a license to fly a drone commercially (for hire)? How much does a good quality drone cost? And much, much more! Weather permitting, we’ll fly a drone outside and demonstrate the flight and photography modes that are popular with drone pilots.

add to cartSat, July 20, 9am-12pm | Littleton Campus
RECR 1002M01-58181 | $59

Drone Photography and Videography for Beginners

Steven Sande
Aerial photography no longer requires hiring a pilot or having your own airplane. Drones take high quality photos and video with a unique bird’s eye view of the landscape. In this class, students learn about using drones for hobby or commercial photography and videography from a FAA-licensed drone pilot, and have an opportunity to use their own drones (not required) to try different techniques and flight modes hands-on. This course covers: Popular commercial drones and their capabilities; where and when it’s legal (or illegal) to fly drones; A dozen tips for better drone photography; Post-processing drone photos: creating panoramas and spheres, adjusting color and contrast, and editing video; Autonomous and gesture modes for automated photography

add to cartSat, July 27, 9am-12pm. | Littleton Campus
RECR 1003M01-58182 | $59

Introduction to FAA Part 107 Certification

Greg DePrez
Are you curious about the new technology of drones? Are you thinking of buying a drone? Do you have a drone and want to be sure you’re flying legally, safely and responsibly? Then join our “introduction to drones” class. We’ll review the drone industry and the amazing ways this technology is being used. Then we’ll discuss the mechanics of drones and how they’re con- trolled. We’ll survey the drones on the market and talk about what to consider when planning a purchase. We’ll introduce the controlling authority for flying in national airspace, the FAA, and review the key rules and regulations for hobby drone flight. We’ll cover planning safe and ethical missions and wrap up with an introduction to the commercial drone license, which you can prepare to earn through another ACC course.

add to cartTue/Thu, Aug 20-22, 6-9pm, 1 wk | Littleton Campus
RECR 1001M01-58183 | Littleton Campus, $95