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Daily Strategies for Living Positively: The Science of Happiness

John Ameen
What makes life worth living? How do we keep our heads up and avoid being bogged down in negativity? Positive psychology is the study of what makes people flourish in all areas of life. This course delves into the science of positive psychology to give you practical strategies you can use each day to increase positive well- being on a short and long-term basis. These are science-based strategies that have been used by mental health practitioners around the world and have the power to change the way you live. Topics will include, but are not limited to: how to experience more positive emotions; the science of gratitude; mindfulness; changing stress mindset; building positive relationships. Adolescents, families with adolescents, and couples welcome!

Tue, June 11-July 9, 6-8pm, 5 wks | Parker Campus
WLNS 1020MP1-58166 | $119, $5 material fee to instructor

add to cartWed, July 31-Aug 28, 6-8pm, 5 wks | Littleton Campus
WLNS 1020M01-58167 | $119, $5 material fee to instructor

Healing Touch with Reiki

Sandra Gourd
Learn the ancient form of Reiki which is a natural and simple healing method that balances the energies in your body. It allows you to absorb more of the Universal Life-Force energy that is all around us. Reiki works on all levels – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It brings the body and mind into balance, encourages self-healing, and never causes harm. The class includes the Reiki I Attunement with complete instructions on how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others.

add to cartTue, June 11-18, 6-9 p.m., 2 wks | Littleton Campus
WLNS 1019M01-58168 | $69 plus $20 materials fee to instructor



Beginning Tai Chi

Holly Yang
Daily Tai Chi practice relieves stress and tension, increases energy and tranquility, regulates the body’s internal systems, and improves balance, flexibility, strength, and physical and mental harmony and well-being. Learn the Tai Chi 8 Forms and 16 Forms with clear, step by step instructions through Tai Chi stances, hand positions, and movements. You may need multiple class sessions to master each level. Qi Gong and meditation will be introduced and practiced. A certain degree of movements is required for full-participation in this course.

add to cartWed, June 19-Aug 7, 6-8pm, 8 wks | Littleton Campus
WLNS 1013M01-58169 | $199

Pilates Matwork I

Catherine M Glenn
Focuses on Pilates mat work to increase core strength, overall muscles tone and flexibility with focused and precise floor work techniques. A physical education class built upon the philosophies and exercises of Josef Pilates.

add to cartMon/Wed, May 29-Aug 5, 11:30am-12:45pm, 10 wks |Littleton Campus
WLNS 1003M01-58170 | $185

Yoga I

Catherine M Glenn
Offers a guided instruction in yoga. Students practice yoga according to their individual fitness levels and abilities. Emphasizes enhancing general health and wellbeing through the performance of yoga strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation techniques and exercises.

Mon/Wed, May 29-Aug 5, 1-2:15pm, 10 wks | Littleton Campus
WLNS 1005M01-58171 | $185 | closed