Arts and Humanities


Chancery Hand Calligraphy

Evette Goldstein
Learn Chancery Italic Calligraphy. Discover the joy of self- expression through this beautiful ancient art form. If you are left handed, the material fee will be $7 more. Please notify the office upon registration.

Thu, June 20-July 25, 6-8pm, 5 wks | Littleton Campus | closed
ARCR 1104M01-58140 | $109, $45 material fee to instructor
*No class July 4

Copperplate Calligraphy

Evette Goldstein
Learn Copperplate Calligraphy, the style of writing found in the Declaration of Independence. Discover the joy of self-expression through this beautiful art form. Check out Evette’s website at to see her work.

add to cartThu, Aug 1-29, 6-8pm, 5 wks | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1102M01-58141 | $109, $45 material fee to instructor



You Can Draw!

Brian Brennan
Learn to draw anything you see! Discover how artists “record” images onto paper. Great observational drawing class for beginners. Utilize proven methods behind portraits, still life and landscape drawing. Explore line, texture and tone as you learn shading techniques. Advanced subjects reviewed for the experienced artist as well.

add to cartThu, May 30-July 11, 7-9pm, 6 wks | Littleton Campus    
ARCR 1101M01-58143 | $129, plus materials
*No class July 4

add to cartThu, July 18-Aug 22, 7-9pm, 6 wks | Littleton Campus    
ARCR 1101M02-58144 | $129, plus materials

Great Books Series at ACC

ACC holds the honor of being one of only six community colleges in the United States included in the University of Chicago's Great Books Consortium. The program builds on the renowned Great Books Movement which allows American students to engage in conversations about the most influential ideas contained within Western Civilization's masterpieces of literature, history and philosophy.

How Do Great Books Courses work?

Many ACC instructors offer various courses designated as "Great Books Courses." Within these courses, the instructors draw at least half of the course readings from authors on the Encyclopedia Britannica's Great Authors List as primary voices in their fields. For instance, in a Great Books Psychology course, in addition to reading about the meaning of Sigmund Freud's dream symbolism, one might also read some of Freud's own Interpretation of Dreams. Alternatively, in a Great Books Mathematics course, one might read some of Newton's or Euclid's writings.

For more information regarding the Great Books courses offered this semester, please visit the ACC website and search for Great Books Program or call the Workforce and Community Programs Office at 303.797.5722. 

Introduction to Film

Tue/Thu, June 11-Aug 1, 6-8:45pm | Littleton Campus   
WRIT 2008M01-58193 | $510 plus book | closed

Introduction to Film

Mon/Wed, June 10-July 31, 10am-12:40pm | Parker Campus
WRIT 2008MP1-58194  | $510 plus book | closed

World Mythology

Mon/Wed, June 10-July 31, 1-3:45pm | Littleton Campus   
WRIT 2009M01-58195 | $510 plus book | closed

World Mythology

Tue/Thu, May 28-Aug 1, 9-11 a.m., | Castle Rock Campus
WRIT 2009MC1-58196 | $510 plus book closed



ACC Classical Chamber Ensemble

Mei-Mey Segura
Develop chamber music techniques while exploring various periods of the genre. Open to string and wind players ages 12 to adult. Must have three years of experience playing an instrument and read music comfortably. An end of semester performance is anticipated August 4. Possible dress rehearsal during the final week at a local retirement community.

add to cartMon/Wed, May 27-July 31, 6-7:30pm, 15 wks | Littleton Campus
ARHU 1017M01-58149 | $185

Private Instrument and Voice Lessons

For all levels and abilities of aspiring musicians over the age of 8. Receive 10 half-hour private lessons over 10 weeks. All lessons are set to meet your schedule. When registering, specify the string, woodwind, brass, or guitar instrument. Refunds will not be given for missed lessons. Lesson can begin meeting any time between May 28th and August 5th based on instructor availability and approval. Lesson days and times are established between you and the instructor.

Course Name Course Number Cost Add to Cart
Private Piano ARHU 1020M01-58150 $299 add to cart
Private Strings ARHU 1021M01-58151 $299 add to cart
Private Woodwinds ARHU 1022M01-58152 $299 add to cart
Private Bass ARHU 1023M01-58153 $299 add to cart
Private Drums ARHU 1024M01-58154 $299 add to cart
Private Guitar ARHU 1025M01-58156 $299 add to cart
Private Voice ARHU 1027M01-58155 $299 add to cart


Exploring Collage

Candace French
Join us for a creative exploration in the art of collage. In this fun filled and relaxing class, create beautiful collage artwork that make your heart sing. Discover exciting ways to follow steps in how to create a collage composition that “works” along with tips that make it easy for you to complete your collage paintings. There will be group instruction along with lots of one on one attention. This workshop is geared toward beginning and inter- mediate painters.

Fri, June 14-28, 1-4 p.m., 3 wks | Littleton Campus | closed
ARCR 1199M01-58157 | $99 plus supplies and $1 material fee to instructor.

Exploring Acrylics

Candace French
Explore blending brilliant colors, brushwork, brush care, palette knife painting and more. Enjoy “chalk talks”, demos and lots of individual attention. Composition and The Five Easy Steps to Jumpstart Any Painting and Bring It to Completion will be shared. Bring an image or photo that makes your heart sing!

add to cartTue, June 18-July 30, 1-4pm, 6 wks | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1103M01-58158 | $179, plus supplies and $3 material fee

Free to Paint!

Joy Schultz
Explore, discover, open to and express your natural creativity. Learn how to use questions to stir your creativity, dissolve creative blocks and keep the inspiration flowing during all phases of the creative process. Practice trusting your own natural and limitless intuition, discover the unknown, take risks and express your uncensored self in a non-judgmental, non-goal oriented environment. Principles from Point Zero: Creativity without Limits, and Life, Paint and Passion by Michele Cassou will be shared through readings, video, and during the process of painting. We strongly encourage the use of high quality tempera paints for this class. Having a generous, luscious supply of ready to use paint and color is very conducive to this process. (Acrylics can work with some qualifications if you already have them). Supply list. Please contact the instructor if you have questions. All levels of experience welcome.

Thu, June 13-July 25, 2-5 p.m., 6 wks. | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1099M01-58160 | $179, plus supplies | closed

* No Class July 4

Oil Painting - Beginning and All Levels

Valorie Snyder
What do you want to paint? Landscapes, still life, flowers, animals, people and portraits? With this classic approach to realism and impressionism, you will have a solid foundation to paint any subject that is meaningful to you. Learn about brushes, painting techniques and color theory, as you complete assigned exercises and progress at your own pace. A fun and comfortable class for beginners and comprehensive instruction for students of all levels. If you have painted before, build on what you already know and fill in information you may have missed in previous art classes. Since learning to paint does require more than 6 weeks, students often repeat this class to build on skills they learned before, without repeating completed exercises. Includes lectures, notes, demonstrations, and individual help

Note: This class requires the use of Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits (made by Gamblin Paints), rather than turpentine or other dangerous solvents. Complete supply list is on Valorie’s blog.

add to cartThu, July 25-Aug 29, 1-4pm, 6 wks | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1086M01-58161 | $179, plus materials, $20 option workbook with class notes

Beginning Watercolor

Brian Brennan
Learn how to paint with watercolor. No experience necessary. This class explores the usage and application of watercolor paint. Discover how artists use the unique medium of watercolor to achieve beautiful light effects!

add to cartTue, May 28-July 9, 7-9pm, 6 wks | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1110M01-58162 | $129, plus materials

add to cartTue, July 16-Aug 20, 7-9pm, 6 wks | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1110M02-58163 | $129, plus materials



Better Photography with iPhone and iPad

Steven Sande
Want to take better photos with an iPhone or iPad? This class is designed to take students from taking ordinary snapshots to making photos they’ll be proud to share. In this class, you’ll learn hands-on how to use the different Camera app shooting modes to capture high-quality photos and video, then use Photos and other photo editing apps to turn pictures into masterpieces. Students use their own iPhone (or iPad) to gain hands-on experience in capturing and editing images.

add to cartThu, June 27, 6-9pm | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1130M01-58145 | $49

Beginning Digital Photography

Bob Montgomery
Focus on aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO and exposure. Discover composition principles to create better photographs. Bring camera and owner’s manual. Designed for 35MM and digital camera users new to photography. Camera must have an adjustable aperture and shutter speed. Interchangeable Lens a plus!

add to cartMon, May 6-20, 6-8:30pm, 3 wks | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1132S01- 80118 | $109

add to cartMon, June 10-24, 6-8:30pm, 3 wks | Littleton Campus
ARCR 113201-58146 | $109

add to cartThu, July 18-Aug 1, 6-8:30pm, 3 wks | Parker Campus
ARCR 1132MP1-58147 | $109

Intermediate Digital Photography

Eli Vega
In this highly interactive course, you will learn advanced applications of camera features, buttons, and dials, as well as advanced techniques and artistic composition. You will learn advanced applications of ISO, White Balance, f/stops, shutter speeds, multiple exposures, BULB setting for creative applications, computer software fine-tuning tips, and more. Time permitting, Eli will demonstrate some key advanced in-the-field applications.

add to cartSat, May 25, 9am-5pm, 1 session | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1135S01- 80119 | $99, $3 Materials Fee to Instructor

add to cartSat, July 27, 9am-5pm | Littleton Campus
ARCR 1135M01-58148 | $99, $3 materials fee to instructor

Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking 

Jennifer Wise
A 4-week course that introduces students to digital scrapbooking using the Heritage Makers online program and publishing system. At each session, students will learn a technique, strategy, or skill, then have time to work on their own photos and scrapbooking with any teacher help they might need. Students may choose hardbound books or individual scrap pages to create digitally. Finished examples will be shown. Students are able to pay (separate from class fee) to publish whatever items they create upon completion.

Tue, June 4-25, 7-8:30 p.m., 4wks | Parker Campus
ARCR 1139MP1-58164 | $69 | closed

add to cartWed, June 5-26, 7-8:30 p.m., 4wks |  Littleton Campus
ARCR 1139M01-58244 | $69

Telling a Life Story by Creating a Storybook 

Jennifer Wise
Stories are powerful things. They connect people, increase our own sense of purpose and belonging, and even heal from grief and loss. This class is a 4-week course that provides resources and guidance for telling your story or a loved one’s story, along with time and step-by-step direction for actually creating a hardbound storybook with your own story and a few photos. The Heritage Makers storybook will be created digitally online in class from a template that you will alter as desired. Students will order and pay for their completed books on their own and may order multiple copies for gifts as desired. Cost for each 8x8 book will be $30 + shipping.

Thu, June 6-27, 7-8:30 p.m., 4wks | Parker Campus
ARCR 1140MP1-58165 | $69 | closed

Online Options

These are 6-week, 24 instructional hours online classes which begin the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Course Name Course Number Cost
Discover Digital Photography ONLI 1021 $129
Secrets of Better Photography ONLI 1248 $129
Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera ONLI 1099 $129
Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer ONLI 1070 $129
Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking ONLI 2089 $129