Travel Abroad EMS Academy - Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
June 1-8, 2020

A learning abroad experience offers EMT graduate students the opportunity to see healthcare in a different form and in different conditions. Education First (EF) offers the Dominical Republic Healthcare tour as a pre-established opportunity. During your time in the Dominical Republic, EMS students will learn about management of the local food and water source. This experience gives depth to the classroom discussion on community wellness. You will meet with local medical workers to learn about the healthcare system and will begin a service-learning project. The exact service learning project will be based on local healthcare needs at the time of the visit but typically involve performing triage assessments of patients, performing height, weight measurements of patients in the clinic or conduct handwashing sessions for locals on the proper way, and importance of hand washing.
You will have the chance to use many of the skills they learned in the classroom. You will be given first hand insight to a healthcare system different from that seen in the United States. You will hopefully return with an appreciation of the healthcare system in their home towns and the needs of others around the world.

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  • Dennis Edgerly, Group Leader, Director EMS Academy, Director Paramedic Education Program  
  • Travis Smith, Paramedic, Instructor EMS Academy

For questions contact the Group Leader Dennis Edgerly at dennis.edgerly [at]