Biology Placement Exam

About the Test

The Biology Placement Exam is designed to allow students who have a solid background in general college biology to place out of General College Biology I (BIO111). BIO111 is a pre-requisite for some of the upper level (200 level) courses offered in the biology department at Arapahoe Community College. This includes Anatomy and Physiology (BIO201), Microbiology (BIO204) and General College Biology II (BIO112). This pre-requisite is in place to ensure that students entering higher level biology courses have the background knowledge (and laboratory skills) they need to be successful in 200-level courses. Students who score a 75% or higher on the Biology Placement Exam will be permitted to enter 200-level biology courses without taking BIO111, but will not earn credit for BIO111. It is $10 to take the Biology placement exam.

Please note that all students who take this test have only ONE chance to pass it. If a score of 75% or better is not earned on the first try, the student will be required to take BIO111 before they will be allowed to register for higher level courses for which BIO111 is a pre-requisite.

Who the Test May Be For?

Only students with comprehensive background knowledge of general biology should take this exam. This may include students who took a college-level biology course during their academic careers but credit for the course is not transferrable to ACC; or professionals who are coming back to school and have worked in a field directly related to cellular/molecular biology and/or biochemistry.

This exam is not intended to be a substitute for taking General College Biology I and students who have not had a previous formal college biology course are not likely to pass. Students who take the test and score 75% or higher will not receive credit for BIO111.

This test is designed for students who…

  • have completed a college-level introductory general biology course previously that does not transfer,
  • have comprehensive background knowledge of general college-level biology from professional or life experiences, (Note: it is recommended that students ask Advising for an evaluation to determine if this is an appropriate option based on their prior work experience, BEFORE taking this exam)
  • have researched programs they intend to apply for in the future (e.g., nursing) and are confident that General College Biology I is not part of the required coursework.

Who should think twice before taking the test

General College Biology I is a foundational course that provides students with background knowledge applicable to many scientific disciplines as well as general laboratory skills. As such, it is important to consider whether completion of a general college biology course will be required for you to achieve your future (short-term or long-term) career goals.

This test is NOT designed for students who…

  • are unsure of their career path, but wish to pursue a career in biological, medical or natural sciences. (General college biology is required coursework at most 4-year colleges and universities to earn a bachelors degree in many medical and non-medical degree programs.)
  • may want to transfer into biological research programs at a 4-year college.
  • plan to earn a degree(s) beyond their associates in a medical field.
  • may work in a profession where proper laboratory conduct, skills and knowledge are required.

Are there study materials available?

Take a look at our Study Resources page to learn more about what topics will be covered on the exam and the resources available to help you study. Think you're ready? Take a practice quiz.