GED Preparation Frequently Asked Questions

What does GED mean?

The GED is equivalent to a high school diploma from the United States and its territories. The GED is for persons 17 years or older who have not completed high school. The GED means General Educational Development and the exams measure your knowledge and skills in certain academic fields that are generally learned in high school.

Does ACC offer the GED test?

Yes, at the Littleton Campus through the Testing Center, Room M2210.  The new computer based GED is now being offered at ACC. To register for the new computer based GED go to the GED Testing Services website . The costs and information for testing are available at this website. You will need to bring a valid government photo ID when taking the GED, please pay attention to which ID's are accepted when you register. If you arrive late for your scheduled appointment or without the proper ID you will not be able to test and will have to repay the testing fees.

Why would I need a GED certificate?

Many companies are now requiring new employees to have a high school diploma or equivalent. A GED may also open more doors for you to continue your education.

Do I need to take GED preparation classes before taking exams?

No. It is not necessary to take classes before taking the exams, but the classes can help you prepare for the exams. If you would like to take the preparation classes, call the Non-Credit Program at 303.797.5722 to register for classes, they are offered in the classroom as well as on-line.