Secondary IDs

Secondary IDs

Many exams require a Secondary ID and the type of ID varies from test to test. The type of ID required is subject to change. The Testing Candidate is responsible for knowing which IDs are required and bringing the correct IDs for their particular exam. The Testing Center Staff is required to follow all exam ID requirements and will not be able to make exceptions.

Some exams require the Secondary IDs to have both a signature and photo on the ID. Other exams may only ask for a signature on the Secondary ID. Testing Center Staff may ask for a Secondary Photo ID if the Primary Photo ID doesn't look like the candidate or is of poor quality.

All Secondary IDs must be current/unexpired.

Examples of Secondary ID - Please note that your exam has specific ID requirements and this list is a sampling from a variety of exams.

  • Current Passport
  • Current Tribal Card
  • Current US Driver's License or US Learners Permit that is in plastic with photo and signature
  • Current Military ID
  • Current Employee Card
  • Credit Card with Signature
  • Current State Issued ID Card
  • Social Security Card with Signature
  • In rare instances a Birth Certificate
  • Current School ID