Calculator Tutorials

Need help with your calculator? The following offer quick tutorials on your calculator. Each is a *PDF, so you will need Acrobat Reader to view the files.

TI–83 and TI-84 Calculator Tutorials

Workshop 1 Home Screen, Keyboard, Mode, Editing, and Arithmetic
Workshop 2 Catalog, Display Mode, Number Systems, Variables, and Memory
Workshop 3 Functions
Workshop 4 Graphing - Part 1
Workshop 5 Statistics
Workshop 6 Linear Algebra
Workshop 7 Graphing - Part 2
Workshop 8 Solving Equations - Graphical Approach
Workshop 9 Inequalities
Workshop 10 Complex Numbers and Programming
Workshop 11 Circles
Workshop 12 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Workshop 13 Inverse Functions and More Statistical Regression


TI-89 Calculator Tutorials

Workshop 1 The Basics
Workshop 2 Calculus, Differential Equations (and some Trigonometry)


Online Tutorials

In addition to the tutorials above, there are two excellent online tutorials for the TI-83/TI-84 graphing calculators:

The Addison-Wesley tutorials give step-by-step instructions for various calculator operations.  What makes these so excellent is that they always highlight the next calculator key that you’re supposed to press!

The Texas Instruments Online Course consists of actual interactive lessons, complete with audio voice.  They coach you through the various calculator operations.