College Placement Test

Be Prepared To Succeed On Your College Placement Test

Are you taking the college placement test for the first time?

  • Test-Taking Tips
    • Don't Rush...The placement assessment isn't a timed test.
    • Come Prepared...STUDY! Arrive early with necessary materials. 
    • Rest Up...Get enough sleep the night before you take the placement assessment.
    • Relax...The college placement test is not a pass or fail test.  It is used for course placement, but your results matter.
    • STUDY...Use the study guides below to refresh on the three subject areas. Avoid distractions before the test.
  • Testing Basics
    • ACC students pay $10 for the first time assessed and it is done on a walk-in basis. Non-students pay $40 and must schedule an appointment.
    • Test takers must present a valid photo ID.
    • There are three sections to the college placement test: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and Math.
    • Placement testing is required by the Colorado Community College System for all new students.
    • View the ACC Testing Center hours.
    • A built-in calculator is available for some Math questions the Math section. Outside calculators are not allowed in the testing room for the placement test.
    • White erase boards and markers are provided by the Testing Center.
    • Students who use accommodations for testing should contact Disability Services
    • Students who are needing to test out of state, please click here for additional information or contact the Testing Center.

Are you retaking the college placement test to improve your scores?

  • Before Retaking the placement test
    • Make sure you understand your scores... Speak with an Academic Advisor to understand your course placement options
    • Evaluate your test preparation... What can you do differently than last time to prepare better for your next placement test?
  • Online Study Guides
    • Accuplacer Practice Tests contains a complete study guide and practice tests for college placement test: Sentence Skills, Reading, and Mathematics with free telephone and email support.
    • Khan Academy

Additional Placement Tests

Biology Placement Test

(View the Biology Study Guide Print-Out)

  • Testing Basics
    • The Biology placement test can only be taken one time
    • The cost for the Biology placement test is $10 for ACC students and is done on a walk-in basis. Non-students pay $40 and must schedule an appointment.
    • A biology placement test score of 75+ places you into BIO 201 - Anatomy & Physiology I
      • Earning a score of 75+ does not earn credit for BIO 111 - General College Biology I
  • Study Guides
    • Silver Education Publishing covering topics on:
      • Basic Chemistry (matter and energy, molecules and mixtures, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, inorganic compounds, organic compounds)
      • Cellular Biology (structure of plasma membrane, functions of the plasma membrane, the cytoplasm, the nucleus, cell growth and reproduction)
      • Mendelian Genetics
      • Cellular Respiration
      • Photosynthesis
    • The Ultimate Study Guide for Biology: Key Review Questions and Answers with Explanations
    • Anatomy & Physiology Study Guide: Key Review Questions and Answers with Explanations
    • Microbiology Study Guide: Key Review Questions and Answers
    • Key facts for Anatomy and Physiology
    • Psychology Study Guide: Key Review Questions and answers with Explanations
    • Biology for Dummies