Victim Assistance

Crime victims can get help by contacting the Victim Services Unit in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. They have trained personnel available to confidentially discuss incidents. They help victims decide on reporting options, make referrals to appropriate support services and offer victim support services.

The ACC Main Campus is serviced by the Littleton Police Department Victim Services Unit at 303.797.3713 -

The ACC Parker Campus is serviced by Douglas County Victim Services at 303.660.7535 -

The ACC Castle Rock Campus is serviced by Castle Rock Police Department at 303.663.6100 -

Counseling Services

Arapahoe Community College provides on-campus counseling services through the Student Affairs Office and a list of community referrals for counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and re-entry programs.  Counselors, at their discretion, are encouraged to inform those they counsel of the procedure for reporting crimes voluntarily and confidentially to the Campus Police Department or Student Affairs office, or any "campus security authority" for inclusion in the annual crime statistics.

Campus safety is everyone's responsibility - do your part!

  • Be alert for campus crime, suspicious persons or incidents and safety hazards. Don't take unnecessary chances.
  • Be safety conscious - a diligent approach can protect you, your belongings or fellow students.
  • Be informed about safety precautions, emergency procedures, and use common sense.

Tips for personal safety and property security:

  • Call campus police if something does not seem or feel right.
  • If you are on campus working after hours, keep office doors locked and notify Campus Police . Officers will check on you and will arrange a personal safety escort to your vehicle, if desired.
  • At night, walk in groups of at least two. Walk with confidence and avoid walking near bushes and parked cars.
  • Avoid getting into vulnerable no-exit places.
  • If you feel someone is following you, go to a public place and ask for help.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of telephones.
  • If you are apprehensive about going to your vehicle or from one campus building to another, call Campus Police and ask for a personal safety escort.
  • Make copies of credit cards and other valuables in your wallet and keep them separate.
  • Write your name in several places in textbooks.
  • Always lock your bicycle in a bike rack.
    • Use a quality U-shaped lock.
    • Register your bicycle with the Campus Police Department.

Report any incidents, suspicious persons, activities or disturbances to the Campus Police Department, no matter how minor they may seem.
Call 303.797.5800. If no one answers call 911 or 303.797.5911

Need more information?  Please contact:

Police Chief Joseph Morris
Phone: 303.797.5800