Reporting Criminal Activity and Emergencies

We encourage each and every student, staff member and visitor to promptly report unusual activity or incidents to the Campus Police Department. To report a crime, a victim or witness should call the Campus Police Department at 303.797.5800. An officer will meet with them to gather the information. A copy of the official report is sent to the victim.

Victims and/or witnesses can report crimes on a confidential basis through the silent witness program, and by filling out the online Anonymous Report form. Students and employees should report criminal offenses for timely warning to the Campus Police Department at 303.797.5800 or to the appropriate police agency if the crime occurred off-campus.

If you see a crime, accident, emergency or suspicious person, promptly call 303.797.5800. If there is no answer call 911. 911 calls from pay phones and cellular phones are free.

Law Enforcement Authority and Interagency Relationships

Campus Police Officers receive their police authority by the provisions of the Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 24, Article 7, Part 1. The campus police officers are certified Level 1 Colorado Peace Officers and hold a commission with Arapahoe Community College. The Officers are armed and have full police authority on all properties owned and controlled by the College and have authority within the City of Littleton as stated in the Mutual Aid Agreement between the Littleton Police Department and the Arapahoe Community College Campus Police Department. The Department is delegated the authority and responsibility to protect the lives and property of everyone on college property. In doing so, the campus police officers are obligated to enforce Federal, State laws, municipal codes and College rules and regulations.

The Campus Police Department responds to all reports of crime that occur on the Littleton main campus, the Church Street Building and at the Art & Design Center. Campus police officers give priority to reports of incidents that threaten the life or safety of people, the security of property, or the peace of the community. They handle all initial reports of crimes and emergencies.

Campus police officers investigate misdemeanor and felony property crime reports with investigative leads. The Department assists the Littleton Police Department Detective Division on cases that have investigative leads involving felony crimes against persons. The Campus Police Department utilizes a computer aided dispatch center and an automated records management system. The system allows for automated statistical reports including FBI Uniform Crime Reports. The records system tracks all actions within the campus jurisdiction. The Campus Police Department coordinates with the Littleton Police Department, the Arapahoe County District Attorney Office and the Littleton City Attorney's Office for filing of criminal charges.

  • The Littleton Police Department responds to all calls for service in the public areas surrounding the Littleton main campus, the Church Street Building and the Art & Design Center.
  • The Douglas County Sheriff's Department responds to all calls for service at Arapahoe Community College- Parker Campus and the surrounding public areas.
  • The Castle Rock Police Department responds to calls for service at the Castle Rock campus.
  • Cases involving students are also referred to the Director of Student Affairs (303.797.5668) for review and possible college sanctions.

Daily Crime Logs

Our daily crime log entries are updated within 72 hours of a crime being reported to our department. Hard copies of the last 60 days of the daily crime log can be obtained at the Littleton Campus during dispatch hours, or a copy of this log may be requested by emailing

Alert Campus Community-Timely Warning of Emergency

In the event of a potential threat or emergency to the campus community, ACC will utilize our emergency notification system. Our system is served by the ACC Safe emergency mass notification system. As a student, faculty / instructor, or staff member, you are encouraged to sign up by accessing myACC, locating the Emergency Notification channel, and entering your information by clicking on the “ACC Notification System” link.

This system allows the college to send emergency messages to its entire community via email, text (SMS), and/or voice mail to your cell phone, work phone and home phone.

Arapahoe Community College, through the Chief of Police or his designee, will, without delay, notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation. The Campus Police Department makes emergency notifications via a variety of modalities, which may include one or more of the following:

  • fire alarm and/or public address system
  • email / telephone / text to staff and students
  • telephone to each classroom and office
  • bull horn
  • TV monitors, website, electronic reader board
  • radio and television stations
  • Campus Police officers may assist with notifications

The Arapahoe Community College Campus Police Department, taking into account the safety of the community, determines the content and scope of the notification and initiates the notification system unless the notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist victims or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency. The College will provide adequate follow up information to keep the college community informed.

Medical Emergencies

  • Campus Police has a direct line to the Littleton Police/Fire Departments.
  • The Campus Police Department will contact the local emergency responders.
  • Medical problems are handled by the Littleton Fire and Rescue Department.
  • Campus Police only provides basic first aid for minor injuries: cuts, scrapes, bruises, sprains and bee stings. No medication is dispensed.
  • Transportation for injuries or illness which are non-life threatening but for which medical treatment is needed is the responsibility of the individual.
  • Campus Police does not provide transportation for medical reasons.

Reporting a Fire

The Campus Police Department will immediately notify the Littleton Fire and Rescue Department. The campus police officers will help with the evacuation and manage traffic in order for fire trucks and rescue vehicles to have clear access to the scene.

Emergency Phones (Interior)

  • The campus has house phones in the classrooms and conference rooms.
  • To contact Campus Police, press 5800 or 5911.
  • If no answer, hang up and press 9-911.

Blue Light Emergency Phones (Exterior)

Arapahoe Community College campus parking lots, outside of Art and Design 5000 and the south walkway have yellow emergency phones with blue lights.

Need More Information? Please contact:

Police Chief Joseph Morris      
Phone: 303.797.5800