Emergency Response Plan Management Team

Purpose: The Emergency Response Management Team is composed of the key administrative decision makers who will coordinate the College's response to an emergency situation.

Primary duties include:

1.         Development of college policies/procedures/protocols and revising operations of Emergency Response Plan as needed.

2.         Response to the Command Center during a crisis.

3.         Coordination planning, training, and budgetary functions of the Emergency Response Plan.

 The Emergency Response Plan Management Team consists of the following permanent members or his/her designee:



ACC Campus Police Chief (Chair)

Declares and ends the emergency

Designates level of emergency

Establishes/assumes control of Command Center

Contacts/consults with appropriate emergency services and determines level of emergency

Contacts College President to recommend activation of specific Emergency Response Teams

Contacts Littleton Police/Fire/others, as necessary

Conducts post-emergency meeting to discuss/document event and implements appropriate changes in procedures

College President

Consults with Chief of Police and communicates information to appropriate VPs

Chief Financial Officer

Responds and makes notifications as appropriate

Vice President for Instruction

Responds and makes notifications as appropriate

Dean of Student Services

Responds and makes notifications as appropriate

Assistant to the President

Serves as a resource person
Takes meeting minutes

Communications Specialist (Chair of Communications Team)

Ad hoc

Facilitates communication among the Emergency Response Management Team, the Critical Incident Response Team, and the Communications Team