Reporting Attendance of Veterans

The College Veteran Benefits Office monitors veteran education benefit recipients for withdrawals and reports any change in enrollment status to the Veterans Administration (VA). The College is required by the VA to have a method in place to determine the last date of attendance for students receiving VA educational assistance. The College, to avoid liability for any overpayment made to the students, must notify the VA within thirty (30) days from the date on which it becomes known to the ACC Veteran Benefits Office that a student has officially or unofficially withdrawn. The following procedure is intended to facilitate the maintenance and reporting of a VA student’s record of attendance.

  1. Students receiving VA educational benefits will withdraw from classes following the same procedures as non-veteran students.
  2. In accordance with ACC procedures, VA students who cease attending but do not officially withdraw will receive a letter grade from their instructors.
  3. In situations where the student never attended, faculty will drop students from class as a “no show” without penalty; however, if VA benefits (including housing allowances) have been paid for the “no show” course, it will be the student’s responsibility to reimburse the debt created to the VA. It is in the student’s best interest to officially drop the course.