Grievance and Appeal Procedures

If you are taking any Arapahoe Community College courses, and you have a complaint about your experience with Arapahoe Community College, you have two options:

  1. You can follow Arapahoe Community College's procedures for students including Non-Civil Rights or Civil Rights Grievances. You may also contact the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which is Arapahoe Community College's accrediting agency.
  2. If you are residing outside of Colorado while attending Arapahoe Community College, in many cases you can file a complaint in the state where you are residing. The SHEEO website can provide you with state agencies that manage the student complaint process.

Before exercising either of the above options, students should be aware that most, if not all, external complaint processes require the student exhaust all of the institution’s internal complaint procedures prior to considering the review of a grievance.

Arapahoe Community College recognizes both formal and informal complaints, such as written complaints and grievances filed using the appropriate forms, complaints submitted by email referring to any civil rights or non-civil rights issues, or civil rights complaints reported to an official of the College.

The Dean of Students Office, as appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, maintains a database of all complaints and grievances.  All complaints (cases) are handled in a timely manner and tracked from receipt to resolution.  Records of complaints will be maintained for seven years. Please see SP 4-31a Civil Rights Grievance Procedure or SP 4-31 Non-Civil Rights Grievance Procedure for more information.

In compliance with The HLC’s Federal Compliance Program 13.3, Institutional Records of Student Complaints, the log of student complaints will be available to the HLC upon request or demand. Upon request of the commission, the college will aggregate and summarize the number and type of complaints and their resolution for three years prior to an HLC visit.