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Markey named President Elect for CAFAA

Arapahoe Community College Director of Financial Aid Heidi Markey has been named President Elect of the Colorado Association of Financial Aid Administrators (CAFAA).
Markey and her colleagues are currently working toward the statewide implementation of a video toolkit in high schools – both urban and rural – aimed at increasing students’ access to financial aid information.
“The goal with the video toolkit is to provide accessible financial aid information to students throughout the state,” explains Markey.  “This will enable high schools in rural areas to have the same information as those in larger districts.  The implementation of this platform will have a positive impact on students’ ability to pay for their higher education.”
A Colorado delegate on the Rocky Mountain Association of Financial Aid Administrators Board of Directors, Markey will travel to Washington DC this spring to attend the Legislative Leadership and Legislative Conference.  She will spend an entire day on Capitol Hill interacting with lawmakers to advocate on behalf of students.
Markey, who will officially become CAFAA President in June 2019, served as CAFAA’s Historian Chair during the 2017-18 academic year.