List of Retirees

This list was supplied by the Human Resources Department to best of their knowledge. If you have additional information to add please submit via the “Update Your Information” option in the purple menu.

First Name Last Name Estate Department
Clark * Alexander Faculty Psychology
Larry Allen Faculty  
Gene & Helen ✝ Amoroso Administrator  
Joe Bailey Administrator President
Leahbeth Barnard Administrator Counseling Director
Joan Bayern Classified  
Vickie Befort Faculty  
Bill * Bennett    
Ruby  Bennett    
Jeff * Berg Faculty Mathematics
Rudy * Bettman Faculty Mortuary Science
Margaret Berry    
Annette * Bigalk Faculty  
Bob * Bitts Faculty Mathematics (Founding)
Theresa Bjorge Administration Facilities Rental Coordinator
Karin * Blaske Faculty English
Jim * Boespflug Faculty  
Janet Boggs    
Betty Boisclari    
Barbara * Borow-Stephens Faculty Law
Jo Bourn Faculty Counselor 
Elizabeth Boyer Faculty Political Science
Malcolm Brantz Administrator Library Director
Corrinne Brase Faculty Math
Ray Bridgeman Classified  
Jeff * Broome Faculty Philosophy
Mary * Brown Faculty  
Melanie * Budd Faculty  
Jedidah Burns Classified  
Randy * Burns Faculty Jewelry
James * Cannata Faculty Photography
Don Carson Faculty/Admin Counselor 
Joan Chapman    
Sophia Cheng    
Donna Chrislip Administration Ex. Director Institutional Effectiveness
Terry Clark Administrator Human Resources
Bea Cole    
Peggy * Cole Faculty English
Kenneth Conway    
Bill Crabbs Classified Building
Leo * Diede Faculty CIS
Pat Dolan Faculty English
Alvin * Dragoo Faculty  
Bill Drury Classified Grounds
Jenni Dyman Faculty English
Betty Dysart Administration  
Frank (Lee) * Earley Faculty Anthropology
Mary Eckhoff Classified  
Vicki Edmunson Administration Foundation
Lydia Elsom Administration President's Secretary
Carolyn Engelken Faculty Physical Education
Nancy Farley    
Brad Farr Faculty Accounting
Tami * Ficca Faculty English
Klaus Fischer    
Audrey Fischer    
Linda Forrest Faculty ECE
Jeri Frantz Administration Counselor 
Willy ✝ Fulk Administration Library Director
Robin ✝ Furuta Faculty Ceramics
Judy Ganschaw Administration VP 
Idalynn * Gedde Faculty CIS
Jill Gillett Classified Secretary
Fred * Giveans Faculty  
Susan * Goggin Faculty Art History
Doug * Gordon Faculty  
Lucy * Yarlott-Graca Faculty English
John Grady Classified Building
Willene * Grady    
Debbie Grant Faculty Associate Dean Math/Arts
Jonathan * Greenwald Faculty EMT
Al  ✝ Grohe Faculty Chemistry
Neva Gronert Faculty Communication
Roberta Grothe    
Dorothy  ✝ Haefeli Classified  
Dianne * Hall Faculty Accounting
Jo Ann Harden Classified  
Sara * Harris Faculty Acounting
Dolores Harwas Faculty Nursing
June Haskins    
Patricia Hauss Faculty Math (Founding)
Bill * Heckman Faculty Math
Linda Heesch Administration Disability Services
Diane Hegeman Administration VP of Instruction, Provost
Charlotte Helfrich    
Donald Heller Faculty Law Enforcement
Wayne Henry Administrator VP Instruction
Gerda * Hess Faculty Interior Design
Jo Hildebrand    
Margaret ✝ Hiler    
Judy Hillman Administration Counselor 
Kathy * Holt Faculty/Admin Art/Dean
Dave & JoAnn Hunt    
Connie Hunt Faculty/Admin Psychology/Counselor
David Hunt Administration  
Phyllis Iadarola Classified Library Director
Jantzen Faculty/Admin Art/Dean (Founding)
Rick & Marilyn Jauch    
Cindy * Johnson Faculty Health Information Technology
Robert Johnson Faculty Electronics
Sharon  Johnson Administration  
Byron Jones Faculty Law Enforcement Academy Director
Bill * Keith Faculty Sociology
Carole Kennedy Classified IT
Kevin Kennedy Faculty Music
Phil * Kepner Faculty Physics/Astribiny
Kea Kercheval Faculty Business
Christine * Khorsand Faculty Language
Sally * Kurtzman Faculty English
Alex Labak Faculty/Admin Counselor 
Stan Lancaster    
Jeri Lawrence Faculty Nursing
Richard * Lebowitz    
Debra Lechuga Administration  
Jimmy Lentsch    
Jim Leslie Faculty Chemistry
Ellen Leuthauser    
Gerry ✝ Lija    
Kirk  Long Faculty Law Enforcement
Joseph Lorenzo Administration VP Finance and IT
Linda MacMackin Classified Counselor 
Nancy Maksymovich Classified Secretary
Walt Maksymovich    
Patricia Mancuso Faculty MLT
Rosin Manzanares    
Mickey * Mantel Faculty Nursing
Elizabeth Marzoni Faculty Marketing
Sally * Mason Faculty Art/Dean
Mardi Mathers Faculty Nursing
Mary Sue McAslan Faculty  
Robbie * McGurran Faculty CIS
Marsha McVey Faculty Business
Bob & Marti Melland Faculty Architecture
Don Melton Faculty Political Science
Jane Merillot Classified Secretary
Karyl * Meyer    
William * Miller Faculty  
Richard ✝ Morgan Faculty History
Leonard Mullis Administration Library Director
Marilyn Munstserman    
Don Nagel Administration Library Director
Connie Nelsen Faculty  
Kay Nelson    
Glenda Norblom    
Karla Nuzman Administration Librarian 
Linda Ohnmacht Classified  
Alexander Ong Classified Building
Mary O'Sullivan    
Robert Overton Classified  
Michael * Padbury    
Sandy Panetta Faculty Child Development Ctr
Jim Parker Faculty English
Rebecca * Parker Faculty Law
Janet Pasterkamp Faculty  
Bill Peak Classified Facilities
Eileen Peckham    
Susan Pennington    
Mary Peoples Administration Law
Jack Pepper Faculty CSC
Larry Petersen    
Otto ✝ Pfeiff Faculty English (Founding)
Barbara * Phillips    
Ann Priestman Administration Reference & Archives Librarian
Kay Pudik    
Ron Putt    
Betty J. Rawl    
Christopher * Ransick Faculty English
John * Ratliff Faculty Sociology
Charlene * Ray    
Debbie ✝ Rees Faculty  
Margaret Reeves Faculty Secretarial Sciences (Founding)
Colleen Renner    
Barbara *
Reyman Classified English
Cornelia Ribis    
Priscilla Rice    
Karen Richardson Faculty CSC
Claire ✝ Rogers Faculty English (Founding)
Polly Rogers Faculty  
Kathy Roof Classified  
Ron Rose Faculty/Admin Business
Sue Runge Faculty Interior Design
Gerilyn Rush Faculty Nursing Program Director
Roland Ryan Faculty Physical Education
Amy Sakarai    
Amelia Schaar Administration Community Education
Mary ✝ Schreck    
Dorothy Shallcross Administration  
Jon * Schubert    
Robert * Sidebottom    
Joanna Simmons    
Connie Simpson Adminstration Dean Student Services
Tom Singer    
Mary * Sloan Faculty Math
Kenneth * Smith Faculty  
Lois Smith Faculty Health
Cindy Somers Administration VP Administrative Services
Marvin  Sondalle Faculty/Admin Vice President
Tom ✝ Sorenson Faculty Sociology
Linda Sorensen    
Ruth Spar Faculty Child Development Ctr
Alice Stambaugh    
George  ✝ Stephens Faculty Biology (Founding)
Deb * Stieneker Faculty Communication
William * Stitt    
Kathleen Sullivan    
Linda Sulsberger Administration Admissions Manager
Richard * Sweetman    
Kathy Tandy Administration LCBSS School Assistant
Jerry * Thomas Faculty Business
Grace Timm Classified Secretary
Joyce Towne    
Jim * & Vicky * Trammell Faculty Biology
Sue Treitz Faculty Nursing
David * Trott Faculty Astronomy
Gary * Troutman Faculty Electronics
Hope Trujillo    
Murry  Unell Administration Marketing Director
Gerald Unruh Administration Acounting
Austin ✝ Van Pelt    
Nancy Vann    
Diane Vidergar Faculty Interior Design
Joanne Warrington    
Michael Watanabe Faculty Law
Jim Weber Administration President 
Judy Werzyn    
Linda Whitehouse Administration Parker
Beth Wieck Faculty/Admin Counselor 
Jackie Wilcox Classified Secretary
Deb Wilke Administration Criminal Justice
Carroll Williams Faculty Hisstory
Sharon  Wink    
Sallie * Wolf Faculty English
Sue Wood Faculty Nursing
Marsha * Wooley Faculty Painting
Robert Wright Faculty Architecture
Andrea Wygle Classified Secretary to VP
John Yang Administration  
Gladys Zajicek Faculty Business

✝ Deceased
* Emeritus Faculty