Accreditation Process

How often do colleges get accredited?

Every ten years. ACC’s last comprehensive evaluation which resulted in continued accreditation of the college was April 25, 2007.

When will The Commission be on the ACC campuses?

October 10 – 12, 2016

How many criteria does the college have to meet for accreditation?


What are the five criteria ACC is being evaluated on?

  1. Mission
  2. Ethical and Responsible Conduct
  3. Teaching & Learning – Quality, Resources and Support
  4. Teaching & Learning – Evaluation and Improvement
  5. Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

What does HLC Stand for?

Higher Learning Commission

How many regional accreditation associations are there in the US?

Six: Middle States, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern, Western

Which regional accreditation association is ACC in?

North Central

What is accreditation?

Every ten years we prepare a comprehensive Self-Study Report to demonstrate how we meet the Higher Learning Commission’s Five Criteria.

When does our self-study process take place?

The development of ACC’s comprehensive self-study report is on going with submission in early summer 2016.

When is the HLC Evaluation Team visit?

October 10 – 12, 2016

Who is involved in the accreditation process?

All faculty and staff of ACC as well as students and external stakeholders

ACC has been accredited by the HLC since what year?


What is the ACC Vision?

To be the leader in Community College education in the state of Colorado

What is the ACC Mission?

To provide innovative and responsive educational and economic opportunities in an accessible, inclusive environment that promotes success for students, employees and the community..

What are the ACC Values?

Lifelong Learning

We uphold the highest academic standards and support the growth and success of each individual.


We encourage the free exchange of ideas in an open environment that embraces honesty, respect and personal responsibility.


We foster trusting relationships and respectful communication through collaboration with our students, employees and community partners.


We honor an open dialogue in a safe environment that respects and embraces individual differences.

What are the ACC Learning Outcomes for Student Enrichment and Process Improvement?

Preparing learners for life success is an important commitment at Arapahoe Community College. These learning outcomes address the knowledge, skills, and values that are fundamental to the personal and professional growth of our students, employees and community.


Construct, deliver, and engage in effective, knowledgeable communication for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Information Management

Identify, retrieve and synthesize information in order to think critically, reason creatively and make informed judgments.

Personal Development

Identify and continually develop one’s aptitudes and abilities in pursuit of goals.

Responsibility and Accountability

Employ personal and social accountability, recognize ethical issues, practice ethical behavior, and balance personal freedom with the interest of the community.

Quantitative Reasoning

Retrieve, interpret and evaluate information and numerical concepts to determine trends, make predictions, and develop informed opinions.

Cultural Awareness

Identify, distinguish, or express a diversity of aesthetic, cultural, and historical perspectives.