Mary Carr

Department Chair
Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology
Basic Credentials

M.P.A., University of Maine
B.A., University of Maine

Professional background/Prior experience

ACC adjunct for many years, as well as an adjunct in Connecticut and North Carolina.
Legislative Liaison for $2 billion Connecticut social services department for ten years.

Prior to becoming a faculty member at ACC, Mary Carr was an adjunct instructor here for years. She had also taught in her native Connecticut and in North Carolina. During her college days, as a transfer student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Mary interned on Capitol Hill and got to see the day to day operations of our nation’s capital. She later spent ten years representing a $2 billion dollar state agency before Connecticut’s state legislature. She believes her practical government experience assists her in making the field of political science come alive for her students.

Academic/Professional Interests

American political system

Personal Interests

Mary is an avid gardener, a voracious reader, a neophyte card maker, and a dabbler in photography.