Leslie Carpenter

Technician II
Campus Police
Mailbox #
Basic Credentials

M.B.A., Adams State University
B.S., Adams State University
B.A., Adams State University
ASHI and PPCT certified

Professional background/Prior experience

I have worked in many different areas. Starting from growing up and working on a family farm. Then I spent over 10 years working at Adams State University in various departments including in the president's office, for the Affirmative Action Officer, for the director of the MBA program and in the School of Business. Recently, I have spent two years working for the DOC at the Denver Prison Complex.

Expanded Credentials

M.B.A, Public Administration, Adams State University
B.S., Accounting, Adams State University
B.A., Criminal Justice, Adams State University
ASHI certified and PPCT certified

Personal Interests

I love spending time with my family, anything outdoors, baking and crocheting.