Jessica Blatecky

Basic Credentials

M.S., University of Utah
B.S., Furman University
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS) Certificate

Professional background/Prior experience

Outside of academia, I spent three years working with the regulatory branch of a biotech organization in Washington D.C. I loved gaining a deeper understanding for how pharmaceuticals gain FDA approval and journey from bench to bedside.

Expanded Credentials

I currently hold a Master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science (University of Utah) and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Furman University). I also earned a certificate in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS) from the University of Maryland while working towards a PhD in Kinesiology.

Academic/Professional Interests

While working towards a PhD, I studied the influence of physical fitness on neural and cognitive health. More specifically, my dissertation work examined the interplay of genotype and environment on cognitive performance in young children.

Personal Interests

I feel so fortunate to now call Colorado home, and simply love getting outside - whether it is skiing, hiking, running, gardening, or simply curling up with a delicious book! I usually have a handful of ultramarathons on the calendar, so much of my free time is spent trail running with a big smile on my face and my dog at my side!

I also do some coaching and particularly enjoy applying my exercise physiology degree to help athletes (distance runners & triathletes) reach their performance goals.