Get your questions answered.

What are your office hours?

The Community Education office is open Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

How do I get a registration confirmation?

If you register online, you will be emailed an automated registration confirmation to let you know we received your course request. Otherwise, we do not send course confirmations.

How do I get a receipt?

If you need a receipt for any reason, give us a call at 303.797.5608.

How do I know if my class has been cancelled?

We will call you before the published start date to let you know it has been cancelled.

What happens to my payment if my course gets cancelled?

If we cancel a course and your payment has been posted, we will mail you a full refund in the form of a check from the State of Colorado. If the payment has not been posted, your payment will not be processed.

How long does it take to get a refund?

You should receive a refund within 1-2 weeks from the time your class has been cancelled.

How long does it take to post a payment to my credit card?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the payment to be processed by the ACC Cashier’s Office.

How do I find out about your GED program?

Information on GED test preparation courses or GED testing is here.

Where can I park?

Parking is allowed by permit only in any of the campus lots. A permit will be emailed or mailed to you. Short term parking (one or four hours) is available along the side streets, as posted, if you do not have a parking permit.

What if I don’t get a parking permit in time for my first class?

Permits are e-mailed out shortly before classes begin.  If you do not receive one in time, you may park in the four hour posted parking on the side streets. If you prefer a parking permit, call our office and we will make arrangements to get a permit to you.

Where can I find a map to the campus in order to locate my classroom?

Detailed building maps are found on the Campus Maps page.

What happens if I can’t find my classroom?

Community Education weekly class schedules are posted on various bulletin boards on campus. After regular business hours, you may also contact Information Central or the ACC Police Department for help locating your classroom.

How do I find out if my class is canceled due to weather?

Learn how to get information you need about emergency school closures here.