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Meditation Wednesday

12:00 pm ~ 12:30 pm

Join ACC's Ben Gerig for Meditation Wednesday on July 1 at 12pm. This Guided Meditation space is offered for anyone who seeks to live a more energetic, vibrant and balanced life during these times of physical distancing. Creating a weekly meditation practice increases energy, emotional resilience and mental clarity. In these sessions, participants will learn how daily Mindfulness and Meditation Practices:

  • Reduce stress and fatigue  
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Improve emotional and mental resilience


*Zoom link will be sent upon registration.

Sessions are hosted by Ben Gerig, Concurrent Enrollment Specialist for ACC.

Ben is a McLean Meditation Institute Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor and higher education professional. Ben enjoys running and hiking and has completed the 486-mile Colorado Trail with his cattle dog Fletcher!

Meditation’s overwhelmingly positive impacts on his daily life, including increased energy, stress reduction and newly found mental clarity inspired Ben to become a Certified Meditation Instructor. After completing more than 200 hours of formal study and an eight-day teacher training intensive, Ben is honored to offer meditation lessons, workshops and retreats to those interested in tapping into the transformational benefits of this practice.

He offers Guided Meditation classes weekly, to both public and private students through, Chalk Cliffs Wellness, LLC.

For information & accommodations contact Dan Balski, Director of Student Life: dan [dot] balski [at] arapahoe [dot] edu, 303.797.5667