Tips to Succeed Online


Online learning can be substantially different from conventional, classroom-based learning – which is why many students prefer it. But if you are new to the world of online learning, you may be wondering how to succeed in an online class. In order to make the most of your learning experience, ACC offers online resources to help students excel in their eLearning courses.

Here are a just a few tips for success in online courses:

  1. Courses that are online let you be flexible about class time but not attendance. Just as in a traditional course, you must virtually “attend” an online course in order to benefit from the information and knowledge provided by the professor. Online learning is convenient because it is available 24/7, so there’s no excuse for missing a lecture.
  2. Paying attention to an online lecture is as important as paying attention in class. Taking notes, either on your laptop or on paper, will still be a useful tool in learning and retaining information. Not being in a traditional classroom doesn’t make it more difficult to pay attention. In fact, being able to rewind an audio or video lecture can make material easier to understand and ensures you won’t miss key points.
  3. As with any on-campus class, participation is vital. Many classes will require you to be involved with discussions in ACC’s online forum hosted by Desire2Learn. Professors can post questions as online threads, and students can debate and discuss. Please visit the Student Resources page for complete tutorials on the program and how it is used in online learning.

Watch this Tips to Succeed Online (coming soon) video on how to get started with your online course and what to expect.

The eLearning Success Series

eLearning is quickly becoming a preferred method of education, both for students and for professors. Successful online learning is based on many factors, including time management, professionalism and ethics. Below are links to tutorials on those subjects made especially to help ACC students with their success in online learning.