Instructor Support

Support from your ACC Faculty Liaison:

  1. ACC Faculty Liaisons will provide support throughout the duration of the CE course in the areas of:
    • Sample syllabi
    • Course material (curriculum, assessments, pedagogy)
    • Textbook samples
    • Classroom observation/feedback
    • Prompt response to course-related questions

The Concurrent Enrollment Program will provide the following support to your CE students:

  1. A CE Specialist will regularly communicate with your CE high school contact to complete the following steps required for enrollment in the CE program:
    • Apply for admission to Arapahoe Community College
    • Complete the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend
    • Submission of standardized scores, if applicable
    • Proctor the college placement test for courses with prerequisites
    • Distribute and collect the CE Agreement Form
    • Provide the CE high school contact with a roster of students eligible for enrollment
    • Enroll all eligible students into ACC courses
    • Provide important drop/withdraw dates
    • Provide important documents, i.e., transcript request form
  2. The CEP will conduct annual meetings with each CE high school contact to discuss future offerings.