High School Instructors

Arapahoe Community College has over 140 high school adjunct faculty that teach Concurrent Enrollment courses in our partner high schools!

If you are interested in teaching a course for Concurrent Enrollment credit please read the following:

  1. Determine if you meet the qualifications to teach a College level course:
    • General Education courses generally require a Master's in the content area or a Master's with 18 graduate credits in the content area.
    • CTE courses generally require a secondary credential in the content area.
  2. Submit the following documents to the Concurrent Enrollment Office (Fax 303.797.5201- Attn: CE Director)
    • Current Resume
    • Unofficial Transcripts
    • CTE Credentials if applicable
    • Affiliate instructor packet (to be submitted after approval)

The Director of Concurrent Enrollment will forward your information to the appropriate ACC Department Chair/Dean for review.

  1. After review by the Department Chair/Dean, the Concurrent Enrollment Director will notify you of the decision about your application to teach for CE.
  2. Upon approval, the CE Director will forward your approved application to the ACC Human Resource office, where they will generate an employee ACC (S#).
  3. The CE Director will send you your ACC S#. The S# gives you access to the ACC web portal (MyACC), which is where you will enter grades at the end of the semester.

What to expect after you have been approved to teach:

  1. The CE Director will provide you with contact information for the ACC Department Chair / Department Liaison at ACC.
  2. ACC Concurrent Enrollment office holds an annual Faculty-to-Faculty meeting in April, which you will be asked to attend. This meeting will give you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with ACC's Department Chair/Department Liaison and/or Dean to discuss the following:
    • Syllabi
    • Grading
    • Textbook requirement
    • Course content

    * If you are unable to attend the Faculty-to-Faculty meeting in April, an individual meeting must be set up to obtain this information prior to the start of class.

  3. A copy of your course syllabus and class schedule should be provided to your ACC Department Chair/Department Liaison prior to the start of class.  Course syllabi should reflect ACC competencies and requirements. (Instructors may also be required to provide additional materials and/or use ACC exams to ensure consistency).
  4. Classroom visits will be conducted in the 1st semester a course is offered and periodically thereafter.
  5. All CE instructors are expected to respond within 48-72 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) to their ACC Department Chairs/Department Liaisons' communications.
  6. Instructors and counselors will work with the Concurrent Enrollment Office to have the majority of high school students enrolled in the class for college credit.
  7. Concurrent Enrollment Instructors will be required to submit final grades into the ACC Banner system (through MyACC portal using your S#) 48 hrs. after the last class date. (Directions on how to enter grades will be provided during the April meeting OR provided to you toward the end of your first course)

Support from your ACC Department Chair/Department Liaison:

  1. ACC Department Chairs/Department Liaisons will help provide the following support throughout the semester:
    • Sample Syllabi
    • Additional course materials
    • Textbook samples
    • Classroom observation/feedback
    • Prompt responses to any course-related questions

The Concurrent Enrollment Office will provide the following support to your CE students:

  1. A CE Specialist will communicate with your High School CE contact (AP, Counselor) to complete the following required Student Concurrent Enrollment steps:
    • Apply for admission to Arapahoe Community College
    • Complete the College Opportunity Fund stipend
    • Submit ACT scores (if applicable)
    • Proctor the Accuplacer test (Many courses have pre-requisite scores that must be met to earn College credit)
    • Distribute and then collect the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement form
    • Provide the High School CE contact with a final list of students eligible for College credit
    • Enroll all eligible students into ACC courses
    • Provide important drop/withdraw dates
    • Provide important documents (transcript request form)
  2. The Concurrent Enrollment office will conduct annual meetings with each high school's CE contact to discuss future offerings.