Catalog Addendum for 2007–08

Addendum for Admissions & Records

Repeal of Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Grading Option (pg. 24-25)
Remove the following text:

Provisions of the Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory option: 1. You may take any course under the Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory option buy may earn no more than 18 credit hours this way. No ‘S’ grade may apply to the AA / AS degrees. 2. You may select to take a course for a Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory grade through the withdrawal period of the course. You must complete a form in the Admissions and Records office to select this option.

Addendum for Music Department

MUS 261 (AUDIO PRODUCTION I   3 credits)

Designed to give music students, as well as those with a strong interest in music and computer technology, a well-structured and basic knowledge of the various aspects of recording and production with music in a live and studio setting. This includes a working knowledge of microphones, audio mixing boards-analog and digital, recorders, analog and digital, mixing, sound, equalization and the fundamentals of acoustics in studio design.

Addendum for Nurse Aide

NUA 170 (NURSE AIDE CLINICAL   1 credit)

Page 139: Additional prerequisite: Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider or Professional Rescuer

Addendum for Human Performance

Human Performance and Sport (HUP) A.A.S.

This Addendum information replaces information already contained on pages 67 and 68 of the 2007-2008 catalog.

Human Performance and Sport (HUP) A.A.S.
Major courses: (38 credit hours)
HWE 111 Health & Fitness 3
HWE 136 SM Teaching Weight Training 3
PER 232 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
HWE 245 Physiology of Exercise* 3
HWE 288 Internal Practicum* 3
HWE 237 Exercise, Nutrition and Body Composition 3
HWE 248 Guidelines for Exercise Testing & Prescription 3
PED (100-275) Activity based courses *** 1
HWE 100 Human Nutrition 3
HWE 122 Responding to Emergencies 2
BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (includes lab)* 4
BIO 202 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (includes lab)* 4
HWE 230 Exercise and Sport Psychology 3

General Education Courses (18 credit hours)  
SPE 115 Public Speaking 3
ENG 121 English Composition I** 3
MAT 121 College Algebra** 4
BIO 111 General College Biology I with Lab 5
PSY 101 General Psychology I 3

Restricted/General Elective Courses (4 credit hours)  
HWE 125 Intro. to Human Performance 3
PER 151 Lifeguard Training* 2
HWE 255 Certified Personal Trainer Prep Course 3
HPR 117 Anatomical Kinesiology 3
PTA 176 Anatomical Kinesiology Lab* 2
PED (100-275) Activity based courses 1

For other general education classes, see advisor or program director for approval. * PREREQUISITE required.
**Students must score an 80 on the reading CPT, 95 on the sentence skills CPT, 85 on the mathematical CPT.
*** One aquatic class required.

Total           60 credit hours

Physical Fitness Specialist Certificate
This certificate program is designed for students preparing for a National Certification test or those in need of continuing education credits.

Physical Fitness Specialist Certificate (31 credit hours)

BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Plus Lab* 4
HWE 111 Health & Fitness 3
HWE 245 Physiology of Exercise* 3
HWE 248 Guidelines For Exercise Testing and Prescriptions 3
HWE 122 Responding to Emergencies 2
HWE 136 SM Teaching Weight Training 3
BIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Plus Lab* 4
HWE 230 Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
HWE 237 Exercise, Nutrition and Body Composition 3
HWE 288 Internal Practicum 3

Total           31 credit hours