Contest Details

Writers Studio Club Poetry and Prose Literary Contest for ACC Students (Registered and Community Ed)
Submission Period for Spring 2016 contest: March 1st- March 31st midnight.

Poetry: one submission only, no more than 3 poems, each poem no longer than 32 lines
Prose-fiction and nonfiction: one submission only, one piece only no more than 2000 words.

$50 Prize for First place in Poetry and $50 Prize for First place in prose. Winning manuscript will be published in the Progenitor Online, and considered for publication in the print Progenitor Art & Literary Journal.  Winners and Runner ups will be guests at the Writers Studio Literary Festival on Saturday, April 23rd.

Submission guidelines:
Hard copy.
Typed. 12 pt Times
Single space poems, double-spaced prose
No name on manuscript. Include cover letter with name, student email address, and phone number.
Place your submission and cover letter in an envelope.

Submit your Manuscript to Professors Monica Fuglei, Juliet Hubbell, Andrea Mason, Jamey Trotter or  Kathryn Winograd.  Or slide it under the door of Rm 4665, 4th floor.