Writers Studio Scholarship

 Writers Studio Scholarship

Writers Studio is committed to helping its writing students flourish. Each year, Writers Studio awards at least one scholarship to our creative writing students. Each scholarship will cover the cost of instate  tuition and books for a creative writing course at ACC.

  1. Scholarship requirements:   
    1. Enrollment must meet at least half-time status which is equal to 6 credit hours per semester
    2. Completion of Creative Writing I (ENG 221) or currently taking ENG 221 and passing
    3. GPA of 3.0 or above at ACC
    4. Submission of a 500 word essay describing your background in writing and how this scholarship will assist you with your personal or professional goals.
    5. Submission of a portfolio with a minimum of five pages of creative work which may include: selection of prose from fiction, nonfiction, screenplay or play, or poetry.

Scholarship winners will be selected by the Writers Studio Committee. For more information, please contact Dr. Kathryn Winograd at kathryn.winograd@arapahoe.edu.

Get an Application form here or on the Writers Studio bulletin board on the 4th floor and outside Room M4665.   

Writers Studio and the ACC Foundation are proud to announce the winner of the 2015/2016 Writers Studio Student Scholarship: Alejandro Lucero

Congratulations to Alejandro for being our scholarship recipient in creative writing. Each year, Writers Studio awards financial support to aspiring and talented student writers at Arapahoe Community College.

Our scholarship recipient will receive tuition and book money for a 3-credit (resident cost)  creative writing class, an invitation to be our honored guests at the Writers Studio Literary Festival on April 23, 2016, and an invitation to the ACC Foundation’s Scholarship Luncheon.


About Alejandro Lucero:

I first fell in love with writing through reading.  My mother read to me every night before bed when I was a baby until I was able to read to myself.  My first favorite author was the poetic Dr. Seuss.  Besides poetry and flash fiction, I love to write hip-hop, country, and pop lyrics.

My goals with writing are to be published in poetry and short fiction. Also, I would like to one day publish a novel. Aside from being published, I would like to earn my Associates Degree with a Creative Writing emphasis here at Arapahoe Community College and then transfer to a school within the Denver metro area to earn a Bachelor's in Creative Writing or Literature.  I want to learn enough about these subjects to teach in a High School or Community College in the next ten years.  I believe reading and writing organized and creatively are great ways to explore history as well as to leave your own mark on the world.

Receiving this scholarship will not only help financially, but spiritually as well.  I have never entered my writing in any type of contest before because I have never been as comfortable with my work as I am now.  Winning will help prove to me that this is what I am meant to do

(Alejandro is the Vice President of the ACC Writers Studio Student Club.)


Comments from the Judges:

Alejandro Lucero's poetry and prose show an intuitive sense of lyrical language. His word choices create resonant and powerful moments of imagery, and, at the same time, a musicality that evokes in this reader a strong emotional response.  


Your delicate layers,

your silky skin smooth as sorbet.

Perfumed petals, plucked

one by one

by a schoolgirl or tossed

over her young

frail shoulder.


Just one white rose shows

we care. A snowy dove now wilting

in a dry vase across a pond.

       --from An Ode to Roses


... The next day, the black widow is still at my window. I have watched petrified as she built a silky stretch of road for herself to move quickly from the edge of my windowsill to the ladder meant for me to climb if a fire was to engulf my bedroom. She is hanging with her red stomach to the sky on the pole of the bottom run of this small scape ladder.

I feel that we are looking at each other. This cannot be since her vision is not very good.  All the widow see is a blurred and distorted image, as if she is looking at me through the steamy fog of a glass shower door; however, she knows I am there by the vibrations of my movement, as if she can feel the tension coursing through my body, each jolt at a time.

... In most cases, a bite from a black widow is not deadly unless the victim is elderly, an infant, or already ill.  However, I did not know any of this until it was too late, and I feel terrible for popping her body open like a green pea from my Grandmother's garden between my teeth.  Grandma always told me never to eat peas  that have webbing on their pod.

--from Black Widow Lives Matter (Creative Nonfiction)