Writers Studio Scholarship

Writers Studio is committed to helping its writing students flourish. Each year, Writers Studio awards at least one scholarship to our creative writing students. Each $500 scholarship will cover the cost of instate tuition and books for a creative writing course at ACC.

  1. Scholarship requirements:   
    1. Enrollment must meet at least half-time status which is equal to 6 credit hours per semester
    2. Completion of Creative Writing I (ENG 221) or currently taking ENG 221 and passing
    3. GPA of 3.0 or above at ACC
    4. Submission of a 500 word essay describing your background in writing and how this scholarship will assist you with your personal or professional goals.
    5. Submission of a portfolio with a minimum of five pages of creative work which may include: selection of prose from fiction, nonfiction, screenplay or play, or poetry.
    6. Due date is November 17, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Scholarship winners will be selected by the Writers Studio Committee. For more information, please contact Jamey Trotter at jamey.trotter@arapahoe.edu.

Get your application form or on the Writers Studio bulletin board on the 4th floor and outside Room M4685.  

2017/2018 Writers Studio Student Scholarship: Mary Innerst

We are pleased to announce the winner of the fall 2017 Writers Studio Scholarship recipient Mary Innerst. Each year, Writers Studio awards financial support to aspiring and talented student writers at Arapahoe Community College.

Our scholarship recipient received tuition and book money for a 3-credit (resident cost) creative writing class, an invitation to be our honored guests at the Writers Studio Literary Festival on April 13, 2018, and an invitation to the ACC Foundation’s Scholarship Luncheon.

About the Scholarship Recipient:

Mary InnerstMary Innerst is nineteen and currently studying creative writing at Arapahoe Community College. She fell in love with reading at a young age, fascinated by the way single words can come together to create a masterpiece, whisking the reader away into other worlds. Her interests quickly turned to writing when she realized that she had the chance to create the same experience for others. Her goals include: earning a degree in creative writing, publishing her poetry and fiction, and eventually teaching writing or literature. When Mary is not writing, she enjoys the outdoors, baking, music, swimming, and spending time with her family.

From our judges:

Mary has a natural ear for musicality and sense for striking imagery. She is able to capture an impressive range of emotion in her work, from despair and isolation to curiosity and warmth, all with surprising maturity.

Here is an excerpt from her poem “Ravens”:

It’s time to restart./Approach the wreckage, dire and stark/No time to dream about that smutty lather/Of the ravens as they flock to gather.”

We can’t wait to see more of Mary’s writing as she continues on in creative writing here at ACC.   

2016/2017 Writers Studio Student Scholarship: Ahja Fox and Whit Wolanin

Congratulations to Ahja Fox and Whit Wolanin for being our scholarship recipients in creative writing.

About the Scholarship Recipients:

Ahja FoxAhja Fox is a creative writing student at Arapahoe Community College. She currently shares a home with her husband in the Saddle Rock area and enjoys being with her family. She is a writer, avid reader, traveler, shower singer and a former dancer. She considers herself a writer before any other title even though she is currently not published. Her favorite genre to write is poetry, but her favorite to read is fiction (specifically mysteries). Her goals are to publish in various writing sources, finish producing at least one book draft, and to open a dance studio that caters to children and the disabled. She is currently the president of ACC’s Writers Studio Club.


Whit WolaninWhit Wolanin is nineteen years old and in their second year of studying English at ACC. Their next step after graduation is pursuing a degree in Technical Theatre arts. Currently, Whit works for the Eklund Opera Program at CU Boulder as an assistant to the lead costume designer, stitching costumes and performing quick changes. They also work as an Usher and the Denver Performing Arts Complex. They love to travel, write, create art, and pet their dog Marlee!