Shelley Veatch

“Believe in yourself, be open to new ideas and set high

With professional credentials and 17 years of practical training
in clinical counseling and human resources, Shelly Veatch brings a valuable and
relevant perspective to the introductory and advanced psychology courses that
she teaches at Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs as well as the
Colorado Community College System. Veatch’s background also includes program
development, public speaking and corporate training in the area of family
education, substance abuse, and anger and stress management as well as
psychological disorders.  Professor
Veatch teaches Introductory Psychology, Life Span and Child Development and
Abnormal Psychology.

After 20 years in the Counseling field, Veatch channeled her
professional energies into teaching, “I enjoy making information and education
exciting, fun, real and applicable to life.” 
Today, she still finds the connection between the classroom and life outside
of school to be vitally important, not only for herself but for her students,
too. “Apply what you’ve learned in school to all aspects of your life, whether
it’s your career or your personal life,” she counsels her students.

Veatch also mentors graduates and offers guidance who are preparing
to enter the work force: “Think of your career as a puzzle. Make each job
experience a piece of the whole.”

Shelly Veatch joined the Colorado Community College System through
PPCC in the Springs in 2006 and ACC in 2011 after moving to Parker, CO in 2009.