Connie Hunt

As a former graduate of Arapahoe Community College, I was thrilled to be invited back as Coordinator of the Testing Center in 1999. I transferred into the Career Center for one year, then moved into Academic Advising. I was the crisis counselor as well as advisor on main campus, Parker campus and the Triad. During this period, I was asked to teach AAA 090 and 109 (Advanced Academic Achievement) as well as career courses for Community Education for students and public who were looking for direction into a new career path. I began teaching psychology classes in 2005. Courses taught have included PSY 101 and 102 (General Psychology), PSY 235 (Human Growth and Development), and PSY 238 (Child Development), both face-to-face and online. As an ACC retiree, I continue to teach PSY 238 online and PSY 102.

My credentials include:

  • AA - Arapahoe Community College
  • BFA - University of Colorado at Denver
  • MA - Counseling at University of Northern Colorado

Hobbies include golf, photography, reading, attending plays, opera and symphony as well as "working out" to keep my body and brain going as long as possible.