SOCAD Letter

Arapahoe Community College’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program

To be eligible to participate in ACC’s degree builder plan, an individual must have:

  1. Successfully completed the Ft. Sam Houston PT Tech/Specialist Program (see required documentation below)
  2. Practiced in a Physical Therapy setting as a PT Tech/Specialist for at least 6 months
  3. Active Duty Status OR have been honorable discharged within the past year
  4. An overall GPA of at least a 2.5 on any previous college coursework.
  5. ACC Accuplacer Test scores of 80 or greater for Reading Comprehension; 95 or higher for Sentence skills and 61 or higher for Algebra within the past 3 years. Contact Instructional Testing at for information and assistance for remote testing.

Required Documents:

Clinical Training (Phase II)
Transcript Course/Program Title Course Number
July 2011
or prior
AARTS/JST Physical Therapy Specialty 303-N9
November 2011 -
March 2014
METC/JST Physical Therapy Specialty 303-N9 Ph1
303-N9 Ph2
July 2014
or after
METC/JST Physical Therapy Specialty 300-68F 10
July 2011
or prior
SMART/JST Physical Therapy Specialty B-303-0050 303-N9
B-303-0051 303-N9
October 2011
or after
METC/JST Physical Therapy Specialty B-303-0050
Coast Guard
Same as Army      
Air Force
Aug 2011
or after
METC Physical Medicine Apprentice L8ABJ4J032 01AA

Consolidation occurred April 2011

Military students who started training April 2011 (end training date 2011) were the first PTA/PT Tech students to have Medical Education & Training Campus (METC) transcripts.

Students providing the documentation outlined above will receive transfer credit for:

Bio 201 Anatomy and Physiology 4 credits
PTA 110 Basic Care in PT 5 credits
PTA 120 Modalities in PT 5 credits
HPR 117 Anatomical Kinesiology 3 credits
PTA 117 Anatomical Kinesiology Lab 2 credits
PTA 131 Professional Communication 1 credit
PTA 135 Principles of E. Stim 2 credits
PTA 140 Clinical Kinesiology 5 credits
PTA 230 Ortho Assess and Mgt 5 credits
PTA 240 Neuro Assess and Mgt 5 credits
PTA 280 Internship I 4 credits
PTA 281 Internship II 5 credits
PTA 282 Internship III 5 credits
Total transfer credits 51 credit hours

Student will be required to complete:

ENG 121 English Composition 3 credits
PSY 101 General Psych I 3 credits
PSY 235 Human Growth & Develop 3 credits
COM 115 Principles of Speech OR 3 credits
COM 125 Interpersonal Communication  
PTA 115 Principles &Practices in PT 2 credits
PTA 124 Rehab Principles I 2 credits
PTA 134 Rehab Principles II 2 credits
PTA 141 Professional Communication 1 credit
PTA 175 Language of PT 1 credit
PTA 205 Psychosocial Issues 2 credits
PTA 278 PTA Seminar 2 credits
Total remaining credits 24 credit hours

ACC requires a student complete a minimum of 15 credit hours toward his/her degree through ACC.

Transfer students must begin coursework within 2 semesters of acceptance into the PTA program. Students have a maximum of 3 years to complete their degree and must take at least one class 2 of the 3 semester of each academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring).

Completing the PTA program will take at least 3 semesters as courses are only offered during certain semesters. PTA 115 and PTA 134 are available in summer semester, PTA 124 and PTA 175 are available during fall semester, and PTA 141 and PTA 205 are available during spring semester. PTA 278 is also available during spring semester and is the last class of the program. Registration for PTA 278 requires instructor permission. Everything must be in place for a student to graduate at the end of that semester in order to receive permission.


Arapahoe Community College
Associate of Applied Science – Physical Therapist Assistant

A BIO 201 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 X   X X   X
B ENG 121 English Composition I 3 X     X   X
C COM 115 Principles of Speech Communication OR
COM 125 Interpersonal Communication
3 X     X   X
D PSY 101 General Psychology I 3 X     X   X
E PSY 235 Human Growth and Development 3       X   X
F PTA 110 Basic Care in Physical Therapy 5     X      
G PTA 115 Principles and Practices in Physical Therapy 2           X
H PTA 120 Modalities in Physical Therapy 5     X      
I PTA 134 Rehab Principles of Medical Mgt II 2           X
J PTA 124 Rehab Principles of Medical Mgt. I 2           X
K HPR 117/PTA 117 Anatomical Kinesiology 5     X      
L PTA 131 Professional Communication I 1     X      
M PTA 135 Principles of Electrical Stimulation 2     X      
N PTA 140 Clinical Kinesiology 5     X      
O PTA 141 Professional Communication II 1           X
P PTA 205 Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care 2           X
Q PTA 230 Orthopedic Assessment and Management 5     X      
R PTA 240 Neurological Assessment and Management 5     X      
S PTA 175 Language of PT 1           X
T PTA 278 PTA Seminar 2           X
U PTA 280 PTA Internship I 4     X      
V PTA 281 PTA Internship II 5     X      
W PTA 282 PTA Internship III 5     X      
  TOTAL 75            

An "X" indicates that the college guarantees to accept credit from the source shown for at least part of the requirement. See details for credit awarded and for each particular requirement on the following pages.

Bolded rows indicate courses that still must be completed for degree completion.