Is the program approved by the American Bar Association (ABA)?

Yes. The American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Paralegals has approved both the associate degree and certificate programs since 1977. The American Bar Association can be reached at 321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60610, 312.988.5000.

Do I have to have a degree?

Students with and without college degrees may enroll in the program:

  • The Certificate Program (36 semester hours) is designed for individuals with an AA degree, AS degree, AGS degree, a Baccalaureate degree, or who have five years of law-related work experience.
  • The Associate of Applied Science degree (60 semester hours) is designed for persons with no-post secondary education or legal related work experience. The degree combines the study of law with general education courses.

I work during the day. Are there courses available at night?

Yes, the program can be completed by attending only night classes. The Paralegal Program offers both day, night and, occasionally, weekend courses to accommodate both full- and part-time students.

How much does the program cost?

Cost is dependent upon the number of credit hours taken per semester.

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree Program - 60 semester credit hours
  • Certificate Program - 36 semester credit hours

How long will it take me to complete the program?

The length of time to complete the program is dependent on how many credit hours a student takes each semester:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree Program will take 18-24 months to complete by full-time students
  • Certificate Program will take 12-18 months to complete if enrolled full-time.

Is there a law library available?

Yes. Paralegal students have a dedicated law library, which is equipped with legal publications including digests, court rules, statutes, case law, encyclopedias and dictionaries. In addition, all Paralegal students receive a Westlaw password and training in computer assisted legal research.

Is there an internship program available?

Yes, students have the opportunity to work under an attorney's supervision at a wide variety of approved training sites.

Is Financial Aid available?

Yes. ACC offers a full spectrum of financial assistance, employment and scholarships to assist you with the cost of your college education. We urge you to apply for Financial Aid before deciding if you can afford to attend ACC.

Is there child care available on campus?

Yes. ACC has a Child Development Center staffed by professionals and ACC Early Childhood Education students. It operates in conjunction with ACC and student services. It is designed to meet the developmental and educational needs of children between two and one-half years (toilet trained) to twelve years.

Is there job placement available?

Job search assistance is available and administered through the ACC Career and Transfer Center.