Tyler Soifer

Live Audio Engineering classes


Tyler arrived in Denver in 2001 from a small town in Maine. He spent a year at Lamont School of Music cultivating many lasting relationships with professors and students. He soon realized music production and engineering was the path for him and started to become the go-to-guy for recording, mixing, studio consultation, and technical advice. After graduating from CU Denver with honors in Audio Engineering he continued working in the Denver live sound & recording industry. Throughout the next decade he spent his time balancing studio work (Kanye West, Paul Wall, DJ Frank E, Pharoahe Monch, and many more) and touring with jazz/fusion artists throughout the United States and Europe (Steve Smith, Simon Phillips, Hiromi). From 2009-2013 Tyler was the Director of Recording Studios and Live Sound for University of Colorado at Denver. After seven years of engineering and building the business with Adelio, In January of 2014 he became the full-time manager of Side 3. Tyler still manages to sneak away to mix for various artists, venues, and tours. Tyler is also a house engineer at The Soiled Dove Underground and teaches Live Sound for Arapahoe Community College. Since the start of his career Tyler has dedicated himself to his professional operating principle: I am an Audio Engineer who strives to provide the absolute best possible service to a client so that I can represent their art and vision with the utmost respect and articulation.

Academic Interests

Keeping up with the ever-changing technologies that allows us to record and mix songs anywhere and deliver them to people around the globe. Exciting...and challenging times on so many artistic and business fronts.

Personal Interests

Checking out local live music, hiking, biking, cooking and eating.