Meet the Trainers

Sophie Mabry Sophie Mabry – University of Northern Colorado Master of Arts – Pedagogy. Certifications include:
ACSM Health / Fitness Instructor certified, AEA (water aerobics), Johnny G Spinning, SilverSneakers , National Arthritis Foundation: Aquatic Principles and land Exercise Program, Responding to Emergencies – First Aid and CPR-PR/AED Instructor, American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.

Personal Interests and Hobbies:
Cycling, hiking, kayaking, swimming, camping, snowshoeing, gardening and playing with two Siberian Huskies!

Personal Training Specialty: Women's health,
nutritional counseling, general conditioning and fitness assessments on land or in water!

For more information on personal training please contact Sophie Mabry, Exercise Health Sciences Program Coordinator at 303.797.5856 or email at sophie.mabry@arapahoe .edu or office A1615, located adjacent to the fitness center.

Evan GartrellEvan Gartrell, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

My professional philosophy about physical activity is that with most of the population living a sedentary life style, sitting at a desk working on a computer by day just to come home to cook too much food for the family while watching the latest reality TV series or playing video games by night. People need a lifestyle change. These individuals need to be guided through exercise routines that reduce stress levels, expend energy, and allow them to make advancements every day. My goal is to show people that exercise can be fun and enjoyable. This can be done by using different types of equipment in the gym setting or house hold objects at a nearby park, as well as their own body weight if on the go. It should not feel like a chore or punishment that everyone dreads but instead an everyday activity that people look forward to participating in.  

As an intern in the Exercise Health Sciences Program at ACC, it is my objective to get people moving and enjoying life more by playing with materials that are in their immediate environment.

I am certified with the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer.

Contact me in the fitness center at ACC in room A1515, email me at or call me at 303.797.5886.   

Phylicia WiliamsPhylicia Williams, ACSM Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Certified

My professional philosophy about physical activity is that it is necessity. In this world nowadays, our food is an inadequate source of nutrition being deficient of the vitamins, minerals and overall quality our bodies need to sustain. Daily activities demand an ample amount of our time with little adherence to any physical activity. It is imperative to get physical activity and exercise as often as we can. In this society we work our fingers to the bone and may have nothing to show for it. On account of our bodies not being adequate to keep up with the demands of society, we ought to take care of our physical needs since our body is truly the only place we have to live from the time we are born to the time we perish. Time is the most valuable gift we have to give. We should be able to bequeath more time to ourselves than to the demands of others and if we cannot do so then the one thing we ought to do is take care of our health. Making a change is imperative. By teaching physical education at an early age and all through high school, we shape and mold minds on the importance of physical activity and exercise. We need to invest in education in order to generate lifelong movers, jubilant people and employees, and a healthier society. If it only takes 30 days to build a habit then imagine what 11 years could do. We should park further away to walk a farther distance, set fitness goals so we can achieve them, and we should make time for our physical fitness. Let’s invest in our long term health and happiness as a society. This is what I believe!

As an intern in the Exercise Health Sciences Program at ACC, it is my objective to have a better understanding of the body and how it performs. How to implement a successful workout plan for various people. How to instruct and motivate a big group of people and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I want to be able to stand at the front of a class and provide instruction flawlessly. I want to sharpen my skills metabolic testing, V02 testing and doing nutritional assessments, and finding clients. Furthermore, I want to learn how to give substance answers back in a professional acquisition when asked a question.

I am certified with the American College of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Contact me in the fitness center at ACC in room A1515, email me at or call me at 303-797-5886.  

The interns will be available all semester in the fitness center for personal training, metabolic assessments, nutritional assessments and fitness assessments. You can find them in the fitness center office A1605 or reach them there at 303.797.5774.