Nichelle Frank

I received my Bachelor and Master's degrees from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. My B.A. is in History with an English minor and my M.A. is in History with a Public History minor.

Academic Interests:
Most of my research has focused on Colorado history, in particular, historic movie theaters of Denver, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, CSU's Solar Village. On a broader scale, I enjoy history of the American West and architectural history, especially from the nineteenth to early twentieth centuries.

Personal Interests:

Colorado born and raised, I have spent most of my life enjoying Colorado's beautiful hiking trails and variety of urban to rural environments. Outside of history, I'm very interested in photography, hiking, and writing and I'm a voracious reader. Although I've road-tripped through almost every state west of the Mississippi, been to a few East Coast states, and took a day trip to Tijuana back in the 1990s (a trip I'll never forget), I'd like to see much more of the world, especially Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Of course, I may need to win the lottery first.

Interesting facts:
I was an Irish dancer for eight years and made it to the championship level before quitting to go to college. On that note, although I was born with red hair and many people equate this with Irish ancestry, I have a greater percentage of German heritage than Irish.