Deirdre E. Huff

M.A., History. University of Wyoming. 2006

B.A., History and Anthropology. University of Delaware. 1993

Academic Interests:
My research interests focus on American Indian legal and sovereignty issues as well as cultural identity in twentieth and twenty-first century Native communities. My resent research projects include research in integrating interdisciplinary approaches into the higher-ed classroom as well as introducing methodologies of Ethnohistorical research in American Indian Studies here at Arapahoe Community College. I teach a variety of classes including American Indian History, United States History, Western Civilizations and World Civilizations as well as Cultural Anthropology.

Areas of Academic Specialty:

American Indian History
United States History

Personal Interests:

I came to Higher Education and Arapahoe Community College in 2008 after nearly fifteen years in Public History and Public Anthropology where I served in Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act management, museum collections and archives management and archaeological and historical research here in Colorado, Wyoming and in Delaware. In my work, I had the opportunity to work with and research rare objects, archaeological material and documents and work with Native American communities in the return of sacred objects and human remains. Yet, my greatest accomplishment in my career has been teaching.