Fermentation Sciences

Would you like to take your brewing skills to the next level? Are you interested in a career in an exciting area of the food and beverage industry? Are you working in the food and beverage industry and want to improve your skills and advance? A degree in fermentation science could not only pave the way to a lucrative career in the beer or wine industry, but could also open doors to a growing branch of the health and nutrition industry.  

Fermentation refers to a metabolic process through which yeasts or bacteria convert sugars to gases or alcohol. Beer, wine, and liquors are all made through fermentation, but the process is not limited to libations. The science also includes numerous food products, many of which show correlations to improved gut health and well-being.

Why Choose Fermentation Sciences?

As Colorado's brewing industry continues its rapid growth, there is increasing demand for professionals who understand the science involved. If brewing is your passion or hobby, come take your skills to the next level in our Fermentation Sciences program.

In addition to developing brewing skills, this program will expose you to the ways in which fermentation science is being integrated into the health and nutrition industry. There is tremendous growing interest and research on the benefits of fermented foods on the microbiome and gut health. Fermented food products, including kombucha, yogurts, ciders, cheese, bread, and pickled products are a growing market.

Our program is designed to give you a well-rounded understanding of fermentation sciences, as well as the business and marketing background needed to help you get the career you want.

Transfer Opportunities

After you complete your A.S. degree in Fermentation Sciences you will be able to transfer to Colorado State University's B.S. in Fermentation Science and Technology program or Metropolitan State University of Denver's B.S. in Brewery Operations program to further your education.

Career Opportunities

Our Fermentation Sciences program will prepare you for opportunities in fields that include:

  • Wine and Brewing Sciences
  • Food science and technology
  • Fermentation Specialist
  • Production Manager
  • Product/Process Specialist
  • Entrepreneurship

Whether your want to turn your hobby into your career, improve upon your skills or jump into a burgeoning field, we can help you Move Mountains!