Roxanne Banks Malia

Roxanne Banks Malia, Adjunct English FacultyEmail:

I attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN as an undergraduate, and completed my B.A. in English and Studio Art. After living in Steamboat Springs, I returned to Denver to complete an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction (with a focus in Literacy) at the University of Colorado at Denver. I've taught a variety of English and writing courses at the high school level--one year at Legacy High School in Broomfield, CO, and nine at Littleton High School. Currently, I write poetry and recently completed my MFA (Creative Writing--Poetry) through the Low-Residency program at Lesley University in Cambridge, M.A. My work has been published in Copper Nickel, and Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. My killer new project, however, is my son, born in April, 2010.


Jane Binns

Jane Binns, Adjunct English FacultyOffice: Room M1658 in the Open Computer Lab
Phone: 303.797.5799

Hello! I have been teaching English Composition at Arapahoe Community College since 2004 and have taught all levels of Comp. classes and literature at Community College of Denver and Metropolitan State College of Denver since 2000.

In the spring of 2006, I began my adventure in online learning as the eLearning Coordinator at Arapahoe Community College. In this position, I assist faculty and students with everything from course development to navigation. I also train faculty on how to use our online platform. The best part of this position is helping others resolve their technological conundrums.

I love to teach writing. There is nothing finer than to hear a student say to me at the end of the semester that they used to hate writing, but I showed them not only that they can do it, but do it well.

I love to write. I have received many accolades for my writing including Fellowships and publications. I have written a novel and am working on a collection of essays.

My educational background is colorful: I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in piano performance from Eastern Michigan University. I studied with Dady Mehta, cousin to the great Zubin Mehta. I moved along to Syracuse University, where I acquired a Masters in Science in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation. I worked as a technical writer during the acquisition of this degree and rediscovered my great passion for writing. I resolved to move to Colorado and attend Naropa University, where I received my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and was awarded the Jack Kerouac Fellowship in Prose in 1998.

My biography has been published in Marquis Who's Who in America since 2004, Who's Who of American Women since 2006, and Who's Who of American Educators since 2006, as well.

The joys of my life are my son, my vast network of friends, and of course, writing. I swim and jog to stay healthy and sane.

Live a story worth writing!


Renee Bragg

Phone: 303.386.5816

Renee Bragg has been an English instructor for approximately 32 years. She has her B.A. in English and Vocal Music. Her M.A. is in English Studies with a concentration in Medieval Literature. Mrs. Bragg teaches on the Littleton Campus and at the ACC Parker Campus. Her office hours are determined by the time of class, the location of class and by appointment.


Karen Conley

Phone: 303.898.7890

B.A., Adams State College - Education
M.A., UCD - education
Teaching since 2001, at ACC since 2003

Once I got my Master's degree from UCD, I decided I needed to put it to use doing something I love. My "day job" was, shall we say, less than stimulating. So I came on board at ACC in Summer of 2003 as an adjunct instructor of English 121 and have been teaching 121 and English 122 ever since.

I suppose if I were to put my passion into words, it would be to guide students toward thinking critically for themselves as well as learning to write well. I feel it's incredibly important in today's world to look below the surface or between the lines. We are bombarded daily with so much information that it's easy to be swept away on someone else's opinion. I'm committed to helping students form their own!

If students come away from my class not only with the skills to write well, but also the confidence to question the world around them, I'll feel I've done my job.


Joan Garden Cooper

Joan Garden CooperEmail:
Phone: 303.808-1399
B.A. Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.
J.D. Washington University School of Law
LL.M. Georgetown University Law School
Ph.D. University of Denver
I was born in St. Louis, Mo.  I’ve always enjoyed dance and the theater.  While growing up, I spent some time studying dance at the University of Kansas and performing with the St. Louis Civic Ballet.
I received my Ph.D. in British literature from the University of Denver. My studies focused on the Romantic period. My dissertation is titled:  Austen, Byron and Scott: Fashioning History: Britain: 1805-1819.  I have published several articles in international literary journals and law journals. These include:
“Ivanhoe: The Rebel Scott and the Soul of the Nation.” Scottish Literary Review (Autumn/Winter 2010): 45-63.
“Scott’s Critique of the English Treason Law in Waverley.” Scottish Studies Review 4.2 (2003): 17-36.
“Employee Access to Union Bulletin Boards.” Labor Law Journal 32.2 (1981): 71-82.
 “The Private Club Exemption to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.” Urban Law Annual 8 (1974): 333-341.
I have professional experience in research, writing, and teaching. I have taught Shakespeare for Non majors at CU, Boulder and ENG 122 at ACC. I am a practicing attorney and am admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.  I want my students to appreciate that they can make a positive difference in their families and communities through polished and thorough research, writing, and argumentative skills.


David Ewald

David Ewald, Adjunct English Faculty Office: Room M4565
Phone: 303.797.5700 ext. 6235

David Ewald teaches in both the English and Literature/Humanities departments, and also tutors in the Writing Center at ACC. He received his B.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara and his M.F.A. from the University of Notre Dame. In addition to teaching and tutoring, he finds time to write plays, stories, and longer works. He makes some of these available on


Debra Goldberg

Debra Goldberg, Adjunct English Faculty Student Success Center Coordinator
Office: Room M2720
Phone: 303.797.5824

This is my fourteenth year at ACC teaching ENG 090 and running the Student Success Center. Each semester is a new adventure and I learn as much from my students as they hopefully learn from me! I love the challenge of written communication and helping students navigate through all aspects of college life.

Originally from Colorado, I have lived in California, Texas, Louisiana, and Massachusetts. I am an avid traveler, swimmer, reader, and music lover.

Credentials: B.A. and Teaching Certificate in English from Colorado State University; M. Ed. in Education from Springfield College, Massachusetts


Juliet Hubbell

Adjunct faculty member, Juliet Hubbell Phone: 303.797.5818

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I am an Angelena (born and raised 13 miles from the Los Angeles municipal center) but have lived in Colorado for the last 19 years. I have a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine. I lived in France for quite awhile and go back often for visits. My Spanish has become very workable after spending several weeks in immersion here and there in hispanohablante countries. After I moved to Colorado, I'm pretty sure that I became the longest matriculating graduate student at C.U. Boulder. They finally awarded me an M.A. in English with an emphasis in writing, perhaps out of sheer exhaustion.

I love language. I love the mystery in a word's history, why it changed, how long it hovered in the shadows before some writer brought it into a shining place in literature. I love its family roots, its pilgrimages to other cultures. My greatest joy is imparting this passion to my writing students.

I have had several pieces published in literary journals including Another Chicago Magazine, Swoon and ACC's own Progenitor. I participated in a summer Iowa Writer's Workshop in 2003 and recently became involved with Lighthouse Writers, a group of highly talented and supportive writers in the Denver area.

I play an inordinate amount of tennis, hike 14er's each summer and run half marathons. I have six children (two adopted) ranging from ages 30 to 10 and a long-suffering husband of 22 years.


Sharon Janusz


Hello. I've been teaching courses in English, literature, and humanities for over 16 years now, and I've been teaching online for about 8 years. I find teaching exciting even after all these years. I've taught at a variety of colleges and universities, joining ACC about four years ago. I must say that it is a great learning environment for all—instructors and students.

I have a masters in English and American literature with an emphasis in teaching writing. My bachelor's degree is in literature and English as well. Both degrees are from the University of Colorado.

I'm the author of two books, so I really do write—it is not a mere tool to torture students! My first book is The Magic of Horses: Horses as Healers. It's about the healing power of animals, mainly horses and how they can heal humans spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. My second book is When Horses Could Fly and Other Fantastic Tales. It's a children's book for adults and explains why horses snort, gallop, whinny, eat grass and have manes, tails, four hooves and are different colors. See for more information.

As you can see, I use writing to express my passion for animals and nature. I'm also a member of Colorado Author's League, Colorado's premiere group of professional writers.


Kim Larson-Cooney

Kim Larson-Cooney, Adjunct English Faculty Office: Room Annex 1215
Phone: 303.797.5723

Teaching Basic Composition (ENG 090) is a true passion of mine. The challenge of helping learners grow in confidence and develop knowledge about the writing process is my primary focus. I love inspiring and motivating students to succeed. The task is accomplished in a student-centered, fun learning environment. Don't take my word for it! Former students have used words such as: caring, honest, open, and enthusiastic to describe my teaching style.

If you have any questions before registering, give me a call or send me an email. Enjoy your time at ACC and make the most of every opportunity and service provided to you.

B.A. in English from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
M.Ed. in Adult/Community Education from Colorado State University
Currently, I am employed full-time at ACC as the Executive Director of Community and Workforce Programs.


Brian Powell

Brian Powell, Adjunct English Faculty Office: Room M4575
Phone: 303.797.5700 ext. 6237

Originally from rural East Texas, I spent most of my childhood in Kansas City. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas and a M.A. in Literature from Texas State University-San Marcos. Aside from teaching, I have also worked in a special education program, which taught job and independent living skills to young adults with physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as in social services. The focus of my master's thesis was on the later writings of W.S. Merwin. Additionally, my research interests include: contemporary American poetry, literature and the environment, and the tradition of environmental writing in America, both in poetry and prose. I began teaching at Arapahoe Community College in the Fall of 2010 and teach sections of ENG 121 and 122. When not teaching, I try to spend as much time in the backcountry of Colorado, or reading Joyce, Proust, Beckett, D.H. Lawrence, among others.


Tami Canaday Reusink

Office: Room M4938
Phone: 303.797.5700 ext. 6575

I have a B.A. in English and History from the University of Nebraska and a M.A. in History from Colorado State University. I love teaching developmental English and Reading in the English Department where I have been an instructor since 2005.

My other love is writing plays. My plays have been produced by The Changing Scene, The LIDA Project, the New York Fringe Festival, Source Theatre, Buckham Alley Theatre, New York Artists Unlimited, and the Kyoryukan Performance Hall among others. I am published by Meriwether, Smith & Kraus, JAC Publishing, and One Act Play Depot. I have been a finalist with the Sonoma County Repertory Theatre, the Colorado Women's Playwrights Festival, and the Playwrights Showcase of the Western Region.


Emily Ricklefs

Emily Ricklefs, Adjunct English Faculty Email:

I am extremely excited to be a part of the ESL program, and also very much enjoy teaching English and Advanced Academic Achievement at ACC. I have MAs in TESL and Education from Colorado State University, and BAs in Latin American Studies and International Relations from Cornell College. I have taught abroad for several years, and also have experience teaching elementary and high school, as well as community college levels.

In addition to teaching at ACC, I also work with adults who have severe and persistent mental illnesses in conjunction with Denver County facilities. I have a passion for both occupations, and find fulfillment working both in and out of the classroom. My family and I enjoy spending as much time in the mountains and outdoors as possible.


Elaine Rocksted

Elaine Rocksted, Adjunct English Faculty Email:

I obtained my B.A. from Ohio University in History/Government and then took classes at UCD in English and Library Science. In 1996, I received my M.A. degree with honors from Regis University in Language and Communication with an emphasis in teaching English Comp in the computer classroom. I have taught English classes at Arapahoe Community College, Red Rocks Community College, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and CCCOnline.

I have enjoyed teaching at ACC for sixteen years when I began as a tutor in the Writing Center. Since then, I have taught Developmental English classes, Eng 121 classes, primarily in the computer classrooms, and I am now teaching Eng 121 and Eng 131 online classes. I have also taken online classes at both ACC and CCCOnline over the past few years.

Until April of 2003, I worked full time at the Denver Art Museum in the Membership Department writing membership materials, and prior to that, I was Communications Coordinator for a nonprofit organization that assisted people with disabilities.

When I am not teaching or studying, I enjoy spending time with my family (husband, two married sons and daughter), and our little granddaughter, in Denver. My husband and I have lived in the mountains for over four years now (between Hartsel and Canon City), so we have experienced the many challenges of mountain living. I also helped re-organize our Friends of the Library organization, and we have successfully obtained grants to build and furnish an addition to our local library. We have enjoyed traveling as well, especially in France, England, Italy, and Ireland as well as here in the United States.


Rebecca N. Snow

Rebecca N. Snow, Adjunct English FacultyPhone: 303.862.1111

I love teaching English and being a mom. My son is my main inspiration. I am passionate about creative writing, reading (of course!) and hiking. I won first place for narrative nonfiction in ACC's 2007 Writers Studio contest. My poetry was published in The Wazee Journal in 2010, and my writing has been featured in the Progenitor and The Blue Moon. I am an active member of Lighthouse Writers Workshop. With a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Montana, I teach Intro to Literature, English Composition, and Technical Writing. I teach both here and at Community College of Aurora. Originally from Seattle, I live in Denver with my son, German shepherd mix, and Mini Lop bunny.


Laurie Marr Wasmund


Laurie Marr Wasmund has taught in first-year English writing programs at the University of Denver, Metro State College, and Arapahoe Community College. She has also worked as a free-lance book editor, corporate curriculum advisor, and linguistic researcher. In 1997, she edited Mike's Basic Guide to Cabling, which was used as a text at both ACC and Regis University. Her non-fiction articles on the American West have been published in nationally-circulated magazines, and her fiction has appeared in college literary journals such as Cimarron Review, Weber Studies, and South Dakota Review. She was awarded a grant in fiction writing from the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute, and continues to present seminars at writers' conferences throughout the region.


Michelle Walsh Welty

Office: Room M4615
Phone: 303.797.5700 ext. 6548

Adjunct faculty member, Michelle WeltyI have a Masters of Education in English with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language and a Bachelor of Arts in English. Over the last fifteen years, I have taught college Composition and Developmental classes as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to international students.

I love teaching individuals at the community college level, who through their education are quickly able to gain confidence and transform their lives. My goal is to help my students acquire the writing skills that will assist them in both their future academic and professional careers – and possibly to have a bit of fun along the way.

"It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts…it is to teach them to think, and always to think for themselves."
~Robert M. Hutchins


Therese Westhafer

Adjunct faculty member, Therese WesthaferTerri Westhafer grew up and was educated in Denver at Machebeuf High School, University of Denver, and University of Colorado, where she received a B.A. in English. She spent twenty years in California and received the M. A in English in 1995. In addition to teaching, she has enjoyed a 30-year career in the motion picture business and is currently involved in the deployment of Digital Cinema in North America. As Terri explains, "Teaching is my lifeblood, my motivation to accomplish great things." She has taught at technical colleges, but prefers the academic atmosphere of "a real school." This is her fifth year as an Adjunct Instructor at ACC.