CCR 093

College Composition and Reading
Studio D

Do you need to take your CCR reading and writing requirement this semester? If so, consider enrolling in CCR093. CCR093 is a college reading and writing readiness course that is paired with one of these transfer-level content courses: COM115, COM125, PSY101, or SOC101. In CCR 093, you will refine your reading and writing skills through a range of readings and writing assignments all connected to the course theme of “Personal Identity Development.” Learn how your identity is shaped by your family, your friends, your genes, and by your society while improving your college reading and writing skills.


College Placement Test score options:

  • Reading 101 or higher and Essay 3 or
  • Reading 89 or higher and Essay 4 or
  • Reading 50 or higher and Essay 5 or 6


COM 115, COM 125, PSY 101, SOC 101


3 Credits

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