Student Support

In addition to Student Services, ACC participates in Supplemental Instruction (SI).

What does the SI program do?

  • increases student performance and retention
  • regularly scheduled, out-of-class peer facilitated sessions
  • begins the first week of the term
  • sessions take place near course classroom
  • sessions are available to all students

What does the SI Leader do?

  • demonstrates competence in this or comparable course
  • is introduced on the first day of class
  • provides a model of thinking, organization and mastery of discipline
  • takes part in intensive two-day training session
  • attends all class sessions, takes notes, reads all material
  • conducts three or more 50 minute SI sessions each week
  • integrates how-to-learn with what-to-learn
  • reports to SI supervisor at least three times during term

Why do Educators choose SI?

  • Student Benefits
    • SI is proactive and participatory rather than reactive and passive
    • students earn higher grades and effective study skills
    • collaborative learning experiences with assimilation campus culture
    • makes efficient use of study time
    • develop friendships among students and staff
  • Institutional Benefits
    • SI reduces attrition while it raises student performance
    • SI supports faculty in maintaining higher standards
    • classroom experience enhanced not duplicated
    • evaluation on student performance
    • SI is cost-effective versus 1-on-1 tutoring

How does SI differ from other study sessions?

  • SI leaders attend classes and read assigned texts
  • SI leaders are trained to achieve content-competency
  • Information includes note-taking, anticipating test questions
  • Memory aids other types of study/review session
  • Rigorous evaluation by student performance

What are some SI guidelines followed at ACC?

  • Class attendance
  • SI leader training
  • Supervision
  • Faculty support
  • Regularly scheduled sessions
  • Integrate content and learning skills
  • Program evaluation

For additional help or information, please contact the Student Success Center in Room M2720.