Rachel Willard


I have a B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in anatomy & physiology from Colorado State University with a minor in English composition and chemistry. I have a M.S. in zoology (physiology and cell biology emphasis) from Colorado State University.

Academic Interests and Work Experience:

I worked for 2 years at a local biotech company and another 2 years at a research laboratory at UCHSC while teaching as an adjunct instructor at Red Rocks Community College. I worked as an instructor and laboratory coordinator for 6 years at the University of Denver before starting in the fall of 2008 at ACC. I am interested in anatomy, physiology, histology, animal behavior, and physiological ecology.

Personal Interests:

I love to travel to pretty much anywhere the road or plane can take me and I try and experience everything that a region has to offer (even if it is scary!) I also teach ceramics at a studio in Golden and I specialize in functional pottery. I love to garden, cook, read, and check out art studios and museums. I am also a movie nut- especially horror and action movies!